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Utah with 5 & 6 yr old skiers

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I'm new to this forum and would appreciate your thoughts.
I will be in Salt Lake City Jan 7th-11th. While my wife is in conferences, I would like to ski with my 5 & 6 year old boys. They have been skiing for 3 years now and are quite comfortable on groomed greens and easier blues. They will ski trails through the trees if the trail has been skied a few times already. We have skied Smuggler's Notch in Vermont 5 full weeks in the past 3 years. Their ski schools are excellent.
Which resorts would be the best choices for me to enjoy skiing with my boys? I am looking for longer greens as well as groomed blue cruisers. I should stick with triple chairs and up so we can all ride the same chair together. Do all the chairs have saftey bars? We will likely arrive after the early rush and leave before the boys (dad?) are exhausted. Easy access to the slopes from our rental car and kid friendly food service would be helpful. We have our own equipment. I am more concerned with terrain, conditions, and easy access than lift ticket prices. They've been marking the calendar for over a month now and I want to do all I can to make it a great experience.
Would you suggest I hire a guide for a short while? In case my wife gets an early afternoon off, who offers the best night skiing for the family?
Thanks for your input. See you soon.
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You'd probably want to go other places as well, but I'd consider at least one day at Brighton. Kids under 10 ski free, last I heard -- I know price of lift tix is not paramount, but you can't beat that. Plus, lots of easy blue / green cruising slopes, easy rental car access, close drive to SLC. Heavy snowboard presence but I also saw lots of families skiing the days skied there.
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Both Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort are vary Kid friendly Mountains. At Park City You will see a few Trails in the Trees right under the payday lift. They kind of snake around on a low angle slope so vary easy for young kids to ski. I often see The Ski School take kids on those runs. If you want to put your kids in a class by all means go to Deer Valley for a day. They have an excellent program for Kids. The only Mountain I would stay away from is Snowbird. I love to ski there but skiers and riders there can be pretty agressive. There are a lot of narrow cat tracks and it is easy to get lost there thinking your on a blue but a steep black is the only way down.
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Last year we were at Park City and had in our group 5 kids ages 4,6,7,7, and 10. All the kids except the youngest had been skiing about 2-3 years (they learned in Vermont too although at Mt. Snow) and they did very well at Park City Mountain Resort. We did ski one day at Deer Valley which was also fine for them. If you decide to put them in ski school for the day, we were very impressed with the Park City operation. We're going to Solitude this year for our February trip, not because anything was wrong with Park City but just because we wanted to try something new and it does have the advantage of being much cheaper to stay ski in-ski out there. I agree with a previous post; any resort is fine except probably Snowbird because it has so much expert terrain (and probably you'd be fine there too). Have a great trip!
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Even aside from the price, I would highly recommend Brighton. Lots of easy and rolling cruisers. Also a lot of trails thru the trees. I took my family there and they loved it.
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Deer Valley:

Detchable lifts w/bars
Best food by far
Best kids programs
Best groomed runs
Comp ski/equipment drop-off
Comp overnight storage
Close parking w/shuttle
Comfortable locker area w/free boot & glove warmers
Friendly, plentiful and knowledgable staff everywhere
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Here's another vote for PCMR. Very accessible and very kid-friendly.

You're picking a good time to go...looks like another storm is headed to the area on Tuesday the 6th, with snow expected all week long. This is turning into an epic year!
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Thanks to all who replied. Very helpful information. Looks like I will head to Deer Valley and PCMR with my boys. If my wife can play hookie one day we will head to Brighton. I will let you know how it went.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
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just been to both...thought about where i would take my kids in utah...for sure it would not be pcmr...not many greens and few easy blues...some of the lifts to the blues are old two man lifts that you have to basically jump off to get off....
.deer valley, man that sounds perfect for yours...what a great place...not as crowded, better food for the same price, and easier to get around....that is where i would take mine.............have fun!!
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Originally posted by cracknpop:
Thanks to all who replied. Very helpful information. Looks like I will head to Deer Valley and PCMR with my boys. If my wife can play hookie one day we will head to Brighton. I will let you know how it went.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
There is a bus going from PC to BCC/LCC. One round trip per day only, if you missed it, you stay. The trip included adult lift ticket. If you want, I can dig out the infor.
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Thanks again for all your suggestions. Just got back early this morning with a suitcase of great memories of skiing with my 5 and 6 year old boys. Your suggestions of PCMR and Deer Valley were right on.
Skied Park City Wednesday afternoon for FREE courtesy of Park City Chamber of Commerce. Pretty much stayed right in front of the lodge getting the boys reacquainted with skiing on decent snow. Had the slope to ourselves except for two beginners and an instructor.
Went to Deer Valley on Thursday... exactly what we were looking for. Staff helped with unloading our skis... shuttled right from our car to the lodge... lift attendants would help the boys shuffle through the nearly non-existant liftlines... staff carried our skis and loaded them in our car (even refused a tip saying "it is included with your lift ticket") I was fully prepared to be totally wiped by mid-afternoon from lugging all 3 pairs of skis, etc and having a long walk from the car. Not at Deer Valley. Returned both Friday and Saturday.
No lift lines... a variety of cruisers for us to explore... and of course that infamous Utah snow. It was Great.

The boys and I have already started talking about next January (Their mom has another conference in SLC next January). Isn't GOD Great!!!
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