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Weekend CROWDS SteamB vs. WinterP

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Another question: during Fri-Sun either Jan.2-4 or Jan.9-11, which of these two mountains should be less crowded...????

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I would think WP would have more crowds since they have the ski train from Denver and it is also w/in easy driving distance of Denver. WP is a local favorite along with Loveland.

SB is further away, getting less "local" travel.

[ October 11, 2003, 05:50 AM: Message edited by: Taylormatt ]
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I second what Taylormatt said. Week-ends can be hell for crowds at Front Range areas. That's why I usually ski mid-week.
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Grazie Taylormatt and Brokedown Palace. I concur with reasoning of proximity=crowds.

While we're at it, any feelers on DISCOUNTS for Steamboat? We will get the Winter park special of $119/4 days (like Copper), but refuse to fork out $63+ for Steamboat! Even the cocky Vail boys have this $35 deal if you do 10 days...
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Unfortunatly, there are no deals at the Boat. Ever since the American Ski Company purchased the place it's nothing but money talks. I remember skiing there with 10 dollar discount passes quite a few years ago. that's history. The cheapest pass I know of there is the 699$ my son had to dish out for a seasons pass and that's with the College discount. Heck, you can almost get a Copper pass and the four mountain pass for that.

I love the place but the price of a ticket there prohibits me from spending alot of time skiing there, even though my Son now lives there. We will spend most of our ski time at Copper and the Summit County areas.
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Yep, no discounts to the Boat. Actually, I never buy multi day tickets there anymore. The weather and visibility are too sketchy. If it's a nice morning, I buy a full day ticket. If I wake up and the clouds are low (NO visibility) I wait and get a 1/2 day ticket if and when the clouds clear and usually ski some nice fresh for the remainder of the day. I've lost to many days on multi-day tix due to zero visibility from mid mountain up.
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Thanks again Lars and TMatt.

TMatt, and any others who wish to throw their 2$ in, is SBoat much more prone to Fog/Low visibility than, say, WPark and the Summit 4?

We went to Spain last March, and could only ski 10 out of 14 days due to Fog and/or high wind closures.

I don't recall any Fog in Colorado, just too much snow here and there, or just plain cloudy (but very skiable).

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When the storms settle in at the Boat it gets very foggy and visibility can get pretty bad from the top of the Christie an upward. Bad enough that even the hardcore locals won't go out until it clears. But once it clears...wow, great, light fluff. It's a good trade off IMO, I'll take a day off for deep fluff anytime.
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Fog isn't a problem at Steamboat. Don't let Taylor Matt confuse the issue here. Nowhere near say the likes of Whistler/Blackcomb. All the times i've been to Steamboat, I can only remember maybe twice, that the visability was bad enough from fog to retreat to the lower trails. I will tell you though, that many times i've been there when it's been snowing so freakin hard that you had to ski the trees to know where you're going, and that's not a bad thing, that's pure fun.

Flat light can be a problem anywhere and can creap up at any time. One has to be prepared with the right goggle lens and the knowledge of the mountain and it's trail system. It happens everywhere in Colorado. But I wouldn't single out one over the other.
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I've seen days there very reminiscent of Grand Targhee...the storms roll in and the clouds are low giving near zero visibility. You've obviously spent more days there than I though, so you would know the norm.
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