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Boot Hire

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I am heading off to my second skiing holiday in a couple of weeks, and I am very excited.

I have been reading up on technique to try to get my brain in order, even if I cannot actually practice on the slopes.

Many sources push having great fitting, custom boots as practically the 1st thing to get once you are decided that skiing is the thing for you.

Unfortunately, I cannot really afford the couple of hundred pounds a pair of boots would cost, and so I am going to hire again this year. If I am still enjoying sliding down suicidal steep cliffs (or 'green runs' as some call them) then I will save my pennies with more vigour for next season.

Given that I am going to hire, can you experts give me some hints on getting a boot that wont torture me, and any easy adjustments I can make to 'customise' the fit of a hire boot.

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Pull the liner and "shell size" the boot.

When you pull the liner out of the boot, place your bare foot in the boot and slide forward to touch your toes gently against the front of the boot. then check how much space you have between your heel and the shell. Use a mini mag light or if you go to a shop that has a good fitter, they might have a dowel for measuring. (lamp head is about 3/4 inch, tail end is about 1/2 inch) The space should be no more than 3/4 inch.

Your toes might touch the front of the boot liner but as long as they are not "crunched" in the front that is fine. When you buckle up the boot and pressure the front of the boot, (tongue/shin) your toes will pull back from the front.

If the shop won't help you with this, then at the least, go one size smaller than your street shoe size.
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My advice is to go to an off-hill, full service shop that does rentals as well. My experience is that since they sell boots and skis, you get better help at properly fitting your rental equipment. Most resort rental shops simply ask for your shoe size, throw the sh*t across the counter at you and you're on your own.
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Fraggle ... just as a thought .. If you are going to a large destination resort, and coming from the UK that's likely, why not check out which shops sell used boots? Heck, you may get a reasonable mid-line boot for under a hundred bucks and just "donate" (toss em') when you are done. It may cost darned near that much to rent/hire a decent boot for a week or two.
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