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Colorado driving distances

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We'll be visiting with friends who live in Boulder and then ski/stay at Breckenridge, and also Vail. How long a drive is it from Boulder to Breck, and from Breck to Vail?
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From Boulder to Breck is around 2 hrs, depending on road conditions and traffic on I-70. Vail is about farther- add another 20-30 minutes.
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cool -thanks!
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Do we need to carry chains on 70? SUV required? Thanks.
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Originally posted by dcflin:
Do we need to carry chains on 70? SUV required? Thanks.
Chains are a good idea if snow is expected. If there's a big storm they might damand 4x4 and chains, but that is rare.

My Aunt's boyfriend used to patrol at Keystone and A-Basin (way back in the day) and actually had his vehicle (Ram Charger with studded tires and chains) commandeered by the highway patrol because their vehicles were not going anywhere. I think that storm dropped something like 5'. He never actually told me the total. Suffice it to say it was alot.

The patrol returned his car to him two days later, repainted, all detailed, new tires, new chains, fluids, and brand new top of the line ski rack, custom painted to match the car.

and the moral of the story is... If the cops want to commandeer your vehicle, give it to them cheerfully. You'll get hooked up big time (plus all the good karma).
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1.5 to 2 hours to summit county...depending on traffic and how fast you drive.

The big thing is not distance really but the time you choose...saturday morning traffic can suck. Big time. Coming back down on sunday afternoon can suck even more. And if it is snowing be sure you have water and food cuz you may be camping up by the Eisenhower tunnel for at least a few hours. This may sound dire but last weekend the highway was more or less shut down on the west side of the tunnel. Travel time for one friend from Breck to Boulder was 5 hours.

If you are heading up for a weekend drive up friday night and return monday morning.

Re vehicle...my front wheel drive honda hatchback with studded snow tires does great. I routinely motor over Berthoud Pass, sun or snow, day or night.
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Go very early on any weekend morning. I try to leave Boulder by 6:00.It's 45 minutes to Golden and then another hour to Dillon if you drive the speed limit. Thirty more minutes on to Vail which involves a second pass so the weather can be a factor.

Go home early or wait till very late. I try to leave Breck by 2:45 or wait until 9:00.

Weekdays are typically a non event unless it's a holiday.

I have an AWD volvo with a high end all season tire. The interstates are fine.

I wish we would get enough snow to require chains!
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