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Bretton Woods Very Dissapointed

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I used to love Bretton Woods when I was learning how to ski but it has been pretty boring since getting better and skiing hard runs at bigger mountains. I kept going back because of very good customer service and grooming even though it is far and expensive for what it is.

I went to Bretton Woods last Saturday because they reported a decent amount of trails that were open and groomed.

When I got there I found chunky ice runs with rivers going the whole length of the runs in multiple places on different runs.

I know that resorts want people to go but their conditions were horrendous and they were charging full ticket price.

I went and asked for my money back based on unmarked hazards, trails that shouldn't have even been open. amd lifts that were marked as open on their list but were not.

The lady at the customer service desk was giving me an attitude and was very rude.

I wasn't causing a scene but I wanted my money back so I am not sure what her deal was.

They ended up giving me vouchers but I had wasted my time, gas money, and a skiing day going up there.

I sent some people at Bretton Woods an email telling them about my dissapointment at there trails being open, dangerous, and not worth a full ticket price.

I have yet to hear back from anyone.

I think I might switch to Okemo as my favorate mountain after the crappy customer service and trail conditions at Bretton Woods.

At least Okemo is honest and their grooming is just as good if not better recently.
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Last year I made a trip to Brettton and I have to agree their grooming was horrendous.Maybe I am just spoiled by Okemo's great grooming. Let me know when you visit and we can take some runs. Sounds like you love the bumps! Me too! I like carving too!!
Also check your PM.
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Thanks for the PM

I have never been let down by Okemo even the first week of this season when they had the best conditions in NE.

I might have found a new favorate.

I can always go to Sugarloaf if I want to hit some really steep long runs.

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I don't know the exact specifics, but one thing you've got to realize is that there was a serious rainstorm on Thursday before you were there. All of NE got hit, and I would think it would take most places a few days to recover.

Also realize that some resorts have different standards about what is good enough to open. I worked at Sugarbush a few years back, and we were skiing with an ASC trainer from Attitash. Took her to Castlerock - there was some thin cover and bare spots on some trails - but enough room to get by. She was horrified, basically said "we would never open this trail at Attitash". I know Bretton woods image is probably closer to Okemo than Mad River, but maybe they're trying to move in that direction? They have opened a lot of expert terrain in the last 5 years, though I've never been.

Just my 2 cents from the other side of the coin.
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I know that it rained but to say a run is groomed when only the very bottom of the runout is, is ridiculous. It is damngerous for beginner skiers and it is annoying to have your equipment damaged by crappy coverage when you expected grooming and snow.

I have skied in the rain so I don't care what the weather is as long as there is some white, but for a ski resort to blatently mislead customers is not acceptable.

Bretton Wood's expert terrain is a joke except for the tree skiing which still isn't that difficult.

Also this year to push their terrain, they changed some of their old green to blues and some blues to black.

In my opinion they are slacking on snowmaking and grooming and obviously are trying to keep their image as #1 for grooming in the Northeast.

I have been there over 10 times each season for the past 2-3 seasons but I think my vouchers may be the last time I go back there.
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On our way up to Stowe last Friday, we stopped at Hunter for a three-hour afternoon warm-up. Their 26" of powder from Nor'Easter #1 had been largely decimated by the all-day rain on Wednesday. In what was the most impressive display of snowmaking I've ever seen, EVERY SINGLE SNOW GUN ON EVERY SINGLE TRAIL was blasting away, in preparation for the weekend.

We skied one run, but the wet basemaking snow was coating our goggles and making it impossible to see. We went to the customer service person, told her it was really lousy, and she gave us vouchers for another day.

That was fine with us; we understood that they had to blow snow to get things going again.
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>>> In my opinion they are slacking on snowmaking and grooming and obviously are trying to keep their image as #1 for grooming in the Northeast. <<<

I have never been to Bretton Woods, but I always thought that Loon was the Groomed Captial of NH.

I like Okemo and always have, ever since I skied their poma lifts there. I still like the upper chairs where the pomas used to be, less lines. Plus, Ludlow is a nice town.

Stratton is real nice too for courdoroy, but the ticket prices are excessive.

I'm not all that hot on Killington. It is just soooo big. Mt. Snow, ditto, but I do like some of their big wide open snow fields for doing cruising sweepers.
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loon definitely isn't the groomed capitol of the NH. they have some excellent non-groomed terrain off the north basin chair where the triple and double are. good steeps and bumps over there when it's not scraped off. good mountain to ski at mid-week. i think BW, okemo, and stratton are up there for top grooming areas. not coincidently, i've never skiied any of those areas. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

regarding the BW conditions on the day in question, you would have found those conditions at any ski area that had opened that day i'm sure. also, almost every ski area tries to put a "spin" on their conditions even when they are not that great. not many areas call the trail conditions as they really are (MRG is probably the best at being honest, they actually use the r*** word in their reports for example). so i think you might be being a little hard on BW in this case as i'm sure they were probably representative of NH skiing that weekend (which is why i stayed home that weekend).
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Just for your reference, Tuckermans Ravine, which is just on the other side of Mt Washington from Bretton Woods, was reporting over 4 inches of rain received the day before. Its amazing there was any skiing at all after the heavy rains we had! I don't think Vermont got rained on as much. It turned colder there and they got some snow out of the storm. For what its worth, I think BW is very customer service oriented. I would think it unusual for anyone to be disappointed with this aspect of their operation.
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