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Bariloche vs Las Lenas

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Feedback please. Which is better? Why? I've already made my choice but I would like some verification!

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I think Las Lenas is much better than Bariloche. Besides being the largest resort in Argentina, it features the best off-piste / backcountry in all South America.
Also Las Lenas is the only ski-in ski-out resort in Argentina, and due to its altitude snow is always guarranted.

On the other hand Bariloche has a great tree skiing (no trees in Las Lenas) and the views are just amazing: Lakes, mountains, forests... Though you have a good snow quality through July and August, September gets to warm and you may find no snow in th lower part of the mountain.

When it comes to nightlife, both resorts set the standard of partying. Bariloche has at least 8 major discos (for up to 1000 people each) as well as many pubs and bars.
Las Lenas, though being a small ski village, has everything on a walking distance, so it won´t take you more than a minute to get from the casino to the discos or from the pubs to the bars.

Best resort in South America: Las Lenas.
Best chairlift in SA: Marte, Las Lenas.
Best powder in SA: Las Lenas.
Best tree skiing: Bariloche.
Best landscpaes: Bariloche.

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Bariloche has better trout fishing. Las Lenas has much better expert skiing.
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Here is a post my better half wrote on Cerro Catedral vs Las Leñas

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