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Discount Lift Tickets in Utah?

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These seem to be the best prices:

Snowbird = Smith's (grocery store).

Brighton = Harmon's (grocery store).

What about the others? Where should I go to get the best deals?

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I think you can also get discounts for Solitude from Dans SuperMarket. As well as discount tickets to Sundance from Smiths.I don't think there are an discounts for Park City The Canyons or Deer Valley unless You buy coupon books at the begining of the season.Come to think of it I think Garts also does discount lift tickets.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Thanks Utah49. Any idea about Alta?

Reverend Poppy
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You want discount tickets at Alta?

Try the lift line! $35 for full day and $27 for half day morning or afternoon for a mountan that offers so much is a bargain.
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