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Jan trip to BC??

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Have a trip planned to Fernie with my and a friend's family on Jan 20-27. I know that conditions can change quickly but am a little concerned about the current total lack of snow. I for one was completely psyched about Fernie and pretty much convinced everyone else to go; so feel a little responsible for the outcome. Anyways, it may not be easy but I think we could change plans - it would have to be done this week though. Any insight? Would you just assume the conditins 6 weeks from now will be good? We usually go to Utah, and I'm heading to Alta next week already for a couple of days, but maybe we should just go with the sure shot in January? Thanks for any advice.
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Wish I could help you, I'm praying to the Griz for snow... I'm leaving for Fernie on Dec 27.
I guess conditions can change really fast. Last year they got 3ft the week before opening. If you have the option to to go to somewhere where you know there is snow, maybe you should, but I'm pretty convinced there will be snow, question is how much...
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It's started snowing in Fernie!
Not much, but more is on the way...
Thank you Griz!!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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