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Park City Weather

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Will be heading to PC in 10 days and notice the weather is getting warmer and there is chance for showers. Is this a bad thing? Never skied this late in season and would rather not ski wet.

What's the skoop on late season weather?


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Yes It's been pretty warm the last 2 days or so. They are saying we will be getting some snow this week could be raining in town but snow on the Mountain. I skied yesterday and it was fantastic! The snow was in good condition warm sunny and just a pleasure to be on the Mountain and on skis. Who knows in 10 day we could be into a whole new Weather Pattren of Big Bad Dumping Storms.
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This site is where the Utah resorts get thier weather from. Also you can check the snow totals for all the Utah resorts here.
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I've been up the past 3 days and it's officially become spring skiing condition in that time frame - quite a change from last week! It could change back to winter in the next 10 days, but I would certainly check the link TR@DV put to the weather service and you can even follow the snow link on that site for the avalanche forecast. It is intended for backcountry use, but also gives an accurate idea of what's it's like at the Resorts. Should be fun no matter what, but big tip: if it's warmer simply try to follow the sun around the mountain - if you hit a trail that's been baking you'll understand why it's referred to as "mashed potatoes"!
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