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Smack in the middle of February. No crowds (school holidays in the US, Canada, Australia and NZ are over) and the snow is virtualy guaranteed to blow your tops off. (Think a BASE of over 5 metres). WIsh I was going again this year...
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Ott - if you want to stay on snow then have a look at Creekside too.. (the original whistler base I'm told).... Gondola queue never existed when I was there.... despite large queues in whistler

Further into town to party but.....

Some nice eating establishements to be found on that side though...
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As I said earlier...Creekside is where I am staying this year and I found the Condo through AlluraDirect. It's about $100 a night (Canadian) and is just steps from the Gondola. True that Whistler Village is a bus ride away.....but again, it's just what you are looking for on a vacation.

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I'm also in creekside, in one of the new 1/4 shares at the base. I really like it, walk out right into the gondola, usually no lines.

The shuttle is right at the front door, about 10 minutes to Whistler base where you can get the Whistler or Blackcomb gondola. i sometimes catch a beer at whistler or blackcomb base (or several beers), then bus it back to creekside.

It's also fun skiing down the Dave Murray and having lunch at dusty's bbq.

There's some new developments at creekside base, a Starbucks, new grocery store, video store, liquor store and a new parking structure.
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After inquiry, why are the rates so cheap in January? ...Ott
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Ott, I think the name of our condo development was called the Snowbird Condominiums on Painted Cliff Trail. The shuttle stopped right outside of these units. We were probably a 1/4 mile from Blackcomb base. Our unit was a 3 bdrm, unit 554 on Allura's site. Was actually an easy walk from Blackomb Base to the condo. After eating or shopping at Blackcomb base , the walk was short enough that it wasn't tiring but long enough to loosen your legs up if they started getting a little stiff in the evening.

As far as weeks to go, we went in late Feb. I only remember two lifts being very busy on a regular basis (7th Heaven and Harmony). However, last year was probably Whistler's worst snow year in a decade at the time we were there. We didn't ski the bottom half of the mountain much, and I'm guessing that was the case with other people as well so the top half was probably more crowded than usual.
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If you don't want to walk much stay at The Pan Pacific. 20 yds to the Blackcomb gondola and 30 yds to Whistlers. As far as Woodrun or Aspens the fastest way is the bus! The most fun is Wizard or the easiest is the Tragic chair if ther is snow. I did 50 days last year from Woodrun.
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Why are the rates so cheap in January? I had asked the same question earlier this year (I am going the last week of January). I was told that most resorts offer cheaper rates during that month because it's right after the holiday season and people generally ski less. If I am wrong, someone please correct me....but that's what I was told. I am all for less crowds and cheaper rates!
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i think the reservation companies call this 'yield management'

Getting the most they can from the traveller, just as the airlines charge more when there's less space available. Occupancy is lower in January so rates can be lower.

Last year the average day rate plummeted in whistler as bookings dropped off. I'm guessing that the war in Iraq and the poor start to the season precipitated this. Bookings changed from the vacation traveller who reserves far in advance to bookings a week or so in advance. rates in my building were somerwhere are $100/day through the winter season.

Skiing in January is usually good, sometimes colder weather, which to me is also good.
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Mr. Delta and I got a great deal on a super condo at Allura last year. The condo was in the Marketplace area. This is a 10-minute walk in ski boots (with those protector cat paw things on [img]smile.gif[/img] ) to both main gondolas.

What I did was to get a multi-day "day check" pass so I could check my skis in at the little hut near the two gondolas. So I'd walk over -- either in my boots with ski boots in bag, or in the ski boots themselves -- in the morning, grab the skis, check my walking boots (if I wore them). Up the gondola, ski all day, come down, and then reverse.

Mr. Delta didn't bother checking his skis -- he took the shuttle bus, which was pretty convenient, too. I just liked the convenience of not having to carry the skis. Made it easy to catch first tracks every day.

Other bonus of the condo was it was easy to grab groceries, and the condo had a kitchen. There's lots of food at W/B, but it can get pricey.

Where you stay depends on whether you value being in the centre of things -- both lifts and nightlife -- more (then go to Whistler Village), or a bit more quietude (Creekside/Blackcomb), or value (Creekside). One negative on the Village is that it can get noisy at night, because folks are out partying. If you're one of the revellers that hardly matters.

If I didn't have ESA to look forward to, I'd be jealous. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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>>>If I didn't have ESA to look forward to, I'd be jealous.<<<

Delta888, please hold off with your jealousy for a little while because we are not yet sure we want to spend the money to go to Whistler.

The alternative is to do as we have for many years, that is to take our spacious 5-th wheel trailer, pulled by our Cummins diesel 4x4 truck and go where the snow is out West.

We go for three weeks minimum, sometimes a month, and ski when the sun shines, and since we both are over 70 now we get free skiing in many resorts, like Winter Park, Taos, Copper, etc. other areas charge from $10 to $30 for a season pass for us oldsters.

That way we stay in town to party as long as we want and then head back to our comfy home away from home to read, watch TV or play with our cat who always travels with us. Those vacations cost us less than the cost for one of us in Whistler for a week.

Since Ann is a great cook, we rarely go out to dinner, maybe once a week, but we go after skiing for snacks and beer.

And often we swing down the southern route on the way back to Ohio and stop in New Orleans or even go to Florida for a few days just to get a break from the cold, but we always take our bikes along which gets funny stares from folks in the snow country [img]smile.gif[/img]

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yo gang, Many a skiier has gone to Whistler only to be socked in. It rains and even when it snows the snow is mashed potato powder - not that there is anything wrong with that.

I would say Fernie would be great and the snow would be dry. If you are a good skier try Red Mt.

But if you do choose Whistler - check out the boot. Its old school and a place for locals. The place rocks
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Originally posted by thebuzard:
Many a skiier has gone to Whistler only to be socked in. It rains and even when it snows the snow is mashed potato powder - not that there is anything wrong with that.
Um, I've only ever seen rain in the village (and that was very early season), I've also had excellent powder days up on 7th Heaven, and rounf the back of Harmony. It may not be champagne powder, but it certainly wasn't mashed potatoes.
I guess I've been lucky most times.
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Originally posted by thebuzard:
yo gang, Many a skiier has gone to Whistler only to be socked in. It rains and even when it snows the snow is mashed potato powder - not that there is anything wrong with that.

I would say Fernie would be great and the snow would be dry. If you are a good skier try Red Mt.

But if you do choose Whistler - check out the boot. Its old school and a place for locals. The place rocks
I'm with Fox....only experienced rain in the Village. The mountain always has some good skiing.
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I've probably skied WB several hundred times, only twice in pouring rain. And then only because the high alpine was still closed.

What is true though is the visibility can be 'variable'. Some of the best days I've had there are when I could barely see my glove in front of me. Usually most people are off the mountain so there's freshies every run. Picking my way down from the alpine to find some contrast in the trees lower down can be fun.

Just go, you'll like it. Don't judge anything by what is going on in the village, things change up top.
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Over the past 25 years - I've skied Whistler/Blackcomb at every time of the year. and in nearly all conceivable conditions.

Rain? Only in the Village/Lower Mountain and only Early Season.
Powder - almost anytime somewhere...

Yes others have more sunshine and lighter snow... I go there too... but for sheer size and options.... you have to go to Whistler/Blackcomb at least once!!
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I skied last year in mid December and it rained to the top. Yes, this is rare, and I would say extremely rare in January.

Actually it ended up being a pretty good day. The rain drove everyone away. If you have waterproof gear (which you'll want for Whistler regardless) it's really not bad at all.

Up until last year I always thought people who said the weather and snow conditions were bad in Whistler were overstating their point. Well, I had pretty miserable conditions twice last year, so now I can see where they're coming from. However, besides those two times I've always had great conditions. Last year was an anomaly. This year is setting up to be a great snow year in the PNW!
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March & April last year was some of the best skiing all season, where we saw some of biggest dumps. The mountain is so huge with so much vertical that you can always work your way around most weather conditions by hitting different areas. You owe it to yourself to ski Whistler at least once.
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Yes Ott, definitely do Whistler at least once. Lisa and I are going back this season the first 2nd week of March. Sorry we'll miss you by a week or so.

The Village is great to stay in and as others have mentioned, has you right in the middle of the action. And an easy walk to both the Whistler and Blackcomb gondolas. I definitely recommend the ski check if your're staying at one of the "outer" village locations like the condos in the Marketplace or Village north. This year we're staying at the Market Pavillion.

Someone mentioned the Pan Pacific, which is right by both gondolas. Something less expensive, but only about 50 meters away, is the Executive Inn. I can personally recommend them as good people - they refunded our prepay in full a couple of years ago when we had a death in the family, without any of the paperwork demands and bureaucracy that most "resort" providers, hotels, airlines etc. do nowwadays. God forbid anything happening, but that shows the kind of character the management and ownership has. When I went to Whistler for a couple of days in summer 2001, I made a point of staying there and told them why I'd recommend them again. We don't happen to be there this year due to an absurdly great early booking discount at the other place for that March trip, but I'd definitely stay there again.

Hope you and Ann have a great time there wherever you stay. Enjoy!
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Thank you Mark and everybody, your input sparked a long soul searching with Ann and me. We put the pros and cons of a Whistler trip on a pad and it lost.

Let me explain. Except for two years ago when we skied in Copper for a week and stayed a Club Med, for at least the last 25 years our ski trips were of a three week duration, sometimes twice a winter. We ski Europe about every three years and most often will also ski out west in the same season.

Since we grew up in Europe our skiing vacations put the emphasis on the VACATION in which we also ski, meaning that we seldom ski more than two or three days in a row, mostly two and often take two or three days between skiing to do other things. When we stay at Tiger Run in Breckenridge with our trailer, we take a day to go gambling at Central City/Blackhawk, go to a ballet in Denver or just shopping at the outlet stores in Silverthorne or a movie in Dillon. When it's really mean outside I'm happy to curl up with a book. Taking two days off in a Whistler trip means all the cost for four days of skiing.

The other thing is that we don't have to make reservations or leave here on a particular day or week, since we are retired, we go where the snow is good at the time, may it be New Mexico, Colorado or even Utah, though Utah is an extra day's driving.

And one more thing, money. We do a three week vacation for both of us for what it would cost for one week in Whistler for one of us. This includes the diesel fuel, campground fees and since we both get free skiing at Winter Park and Copper during the week and it costs us only $30 for a season pass each at Loveland and the ticket for us at A-basin is only $10, and also we cook supper in, it only costs to eat on the mountain, that is when Ann doesn't pack lunch in her belt.

We have also kicked around an Aspen stay this trip. A season ticket good for all four areas is only $189 and if we ski ten days it comes in under twenty bucks a day. It's not free, but it is still cheap. The campground is in Basalt, nine miles from the Snowmass ski area and a shuttle bus stops at the campground, though we still prefer to drive so we can come and go as we please.

And lastly, about the size. When we ski St. Anton/Zuers/Lech or Davos in Switzerland or the many other areas at home (former home,actually) You could drop Vail and Whistler/Blackcomb in many times. Just skiing from Davos to Klosters, you end up twenty kilometers away by train. So the size alone is not an alure.

But I have run into many who have skied Whistler, here on the forum and personally and have not found anyone who is not enthusiastic about the place, so I guess I'll have to heed your advice and ski it at least once. Next year maybe.

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