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Do we bother with Breckenridge, Keystone, A-Basin?

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My wife and I are headed to Beaver Creek starting Saturday and will be skiing Vail/Beaver Creek for six days in the week. The lift tickets are good at Breckenridge/Keystone/A-Basin in addition to Vail/BC. I searched through the archived messages and it seems opinion is mixed on the resorts other than Vail/BC.

I would consider us solid intermediates. We like to tackle an occasional easier black and don't necessarily want everything groomed. Of the resorts we've skiied, Alta, Mammoth, and Brighton were probably our favorites for combination of snow and terrain. Based on the above, how would you recommend we split up our time among the five resorts? Also, does anybody know if the lift tickets can be used at two different resorts in the same day?

We'll also be taking a lesson early in the week. I want to learn how to ski more comfortably in the bumps. Does any of the resorts offer better instruction than the others?

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If you want to learn to ski bumps, I'd suggest a lesson with EpicSki's own Ric Reiter (VailSnoPro) while in Vail, if you and he can hook up. The best snow of all those areas has falled at Vail/Beaver Creek this winter. Summit seems to have gotten the left overs. However, conditions are improving everywhere, so it will really be a matter of "want to", not "should".

Vail is huge. You won't be able to ski the entire mountain in a week. Beaver Creek is no slouch, either, and it's "upside down" mountain nature makes the top terrific and beautiful. You can use your ticket at multiple areas in a day. You could even drop over to Keystone for some night skiing, if you want.

A-Basin is as much an experience as a ski area. It's old-school, has some reasonably gnarly steeps, and has a real feel of skiing in the 60s. It's also mostly above timberline, which can be unique and fun.

Breck has been my home area for the past couple of years. I like the wide range of terrain and the snow has been very good, as well. I start my days at Breck on peak 8, and peak 7 would be a lot of fun for you, I think.

I haven't spent enough time at Keystone for the past few years to comment with intelligence (as I have proved on these forums before!).
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Hi Roger and welcome! I ski Keystone alot and like it but given the choice I would ski Vail and Beaver Creek. There is more than enough terrain to keep you from getting bored. Also they have had much more snow. Typically Beaver Creek is the least crowded of the VA resorts.
A-Basin is great but really does not get going till later in the season.

As ssh said Keystone does have night skiing, if you have not tried it that may be fun.
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if you like easy blacks, and a good variety of intermediate terrain, then breckenridge is the place! I highly recommend it.

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Roger, I'll be at Vail this week, but won't be back in time to give you an update. However, you're going to love Beaver Creek, and the short trip to Vail will be awesome, as well. Enjoy it!
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unless you ski open to close, vail+bc will be plenty for a week of skiing.
my takes are vail is the toughest and its huge. get some info. from the mountain guides before heading out looking for easy blacks.
beaver c. - just know its well groomed.
breck - have lots of easy blacks IMO, if vail and bc just arent it for you.
keystone - good, but dont go unless you really want to try nite skiing.
abasin - good, but dont go unless you want to party on the beach for the atmosphere.
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Go to A-Basin! It's worth the ride, no crowds, the views are awesome and the skiing is great!
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