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Little Cottonwood Canyon

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Just wanted to drop a note on the great conditions in Little Cottonwood Canyon as of 4/13/02. They are great, this is what spring skiing is all about. If your local, make sure you get up there for some turns. I skied Alta today, and maybe Snowbird on Sunday, not sure yet. As long as your in the sun, its great. A bit icy in the shawdows though. I got up there around 11 this morning and was happy. Earlier should be good as well.
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I was thinking about skiing Alta for their last weekend. I believe they're closing the 28th. Is that right?
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Hi Pinhead
Alta will Be open for weekends only for the next two weeks.Snowbird should be open all week And we have a strom coming in Mon Tues Wens.They say there might be as much as 18 inches of new snow.I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I have a couple of Days off this week So I'll be Up at Snowbird getting a few last runs in.
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Friday of this week should be great. Snow all week, 20"+(I'm guessing 40") by Friday and Alta's lifts are closed this week.

Crowds should be small.

Come on out Friday and I'll give you a tour.
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Heading up to the Bird today. 11" of pow, with lake effect kicking in this morning. Yee-haw!! More powder days ahead!

See you guys on the mountain. I'll be wearing all black with yellow K2 Mod-Xs.
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Have yet to check on snow depths up LCC, but I'm assuming it was huge. Almost got blown off the highway on the way home from work last night. Point of the Mountain was a mess with a semi rolled off the South-bound lane. I woke up this morning to see the white drug of choice sprinkled all over the benches and peaks, looking forward to the weekend. Guess I don't need to hang up the powder boards yet!

Where did all this dirt come from?
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