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Castle Mt. & Marmot Basin, BC

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Anyone have some experience at these hills? The last of the BC resorts I have yet to visit. Looks like good clean no-frills skiing on the web sites.
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Two completely different hills and both in Alberta, not BC.
Marmot is in Jasper, very touristy with marginal snowfall - not a bad place if the snow is there, but nothing special. Castle is the low-key, no-frills powder destination, two lifts - one running halfway and the other to the summit with awesome terrain - mostly expert.
Personally, I'd skip Marmot and concentrate on Castle, Banff area, Fernie, Golden, Nelson - all doable as a single trip with fairly short travel times.
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Thanks! yeah I knew the Alberta spec. and screwed up the post. Have doene Fernie, the Horse & Nelson. Red Mt. in Rossland is always my fav. Sounds like Castle is similar -gotta get one more trip in this spring if it kills me.
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If you liked Red, you should enjoy Castle. Hope you get out.
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Haven't skied Castle yet, but Marmot was pretty sparse for snow this year. I was going to do two days in mid-February and it was so rocky, I did the two hour drive to Lake Louise the morning of the second day. It has potential, but it just didn't seem to get much snow at all this year.
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