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got P-50's ???

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If you are such a Volklophile that you've just gotta be the first one on the hill to be sporting the latest, an enterprising Dane has posted on E-bay.

Starting bid is $650 and who knows how much these puppies will bring.
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These, along with the G3 were on the retail racks at Tahoe in mid March. I demoed them at SV at the time. Selling at MSRP though. If the economy continues to decline, manufacturers may adjust reference prices by the Fall. Didn't see the SL though. Do you know if the SL will have a new sidecut?
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Volkl is pretty tight about information on next years race skis. A Frenchman posted on this site about a month ago. He had all the info and pics of the Volkl line with the exception of the race versions.

Here in the (NJ/PA) area, you couldn't find any of the Volkl race versions after December. It sounds like the shortages are regional however because when we went to Stowe in April, they had a ton of them.

Rumors abounded too... Volkl had stopped production early to make tennis rackets or they only cut a limited number of wood cores..

I'm supprised that you actually got to demo a P-50. The woman who was running the shop at Stowe (alleged), that she didn't even know about the P-50.............. perhaps because they had a surplus (no ENRG-Y rails though) of them.

How did you like them?<FONT size="1">

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A few of the shops around me have the p50's in stock now. Don't know what they are going for now but I do like the idea of the bindings on rails. Looks like a kick ass ski also and I am sur it will be with volkl's rep.
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A lot of places have the P50 motion for Demo. Saw it at a shop at Jay peak. At Sugarloaf I saw next year's G4. They had a 178,188. Nice looking ski, it's dull black with white stripes. They were selling this years p40's at half off.
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Yuki, the 2 shops that had 'em only were given 2 pair of each model (one for demo and one on the rack). Hope I didn't sound like they had a full rack full.

As I stated in my reviews, I wasn't impressed with the Motion rec skis. The P50 seemed softer than the V31. Who need 'em anyway, the F1 is such an awesome versatile ski.
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I saw P50 Motions in St Anton in early February, so I guess they've been aroubd for a while. I also saw Michael Schumacher edition P40 F1s with Ferrari graphics. I would've bought them if I didn't already have a pair of P40 F1s. If they'd had a Hakkinen P40 Platinum it would've been a different story though...
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Oh I like this Ferrari graphics idea. Any chance of photos?

Those p50's on ebay are still there, no bids.<FONT size="1">

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I was just shocked to hear how many folks had actually seen them. Here in the NJ/NY area they weren't even acknowledged.

Stowe had a whole pile of the older P-40's so perhaps they were keeping the 50's under wraps. Likewise, 40's were hard to come by here in December but started popping up again in late March. It sounds like some selective market regions were shifting stock around.

Were you guys talking about the Ferrari prancing horse?
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Sorry no pics. They looked very muck like the 99-00 P40s. If I remember correctly, there was a Ferrari horsey (in the yellow badge) somewhere in front of the binding, a bit of a checkered flag graphic on the tail and MS's signature near the tip.

On another note, I'm not too fond of the 01-02 Volkl graphics... they bore me. I'm glad I stocked up the quiver this year instead of waiting.
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