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Grand Targhee

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Hi.. Any one know much about Grand Targhee. I clearly already know that it is a major powder spot and that it has the reputation of being foggy. I am also under the impression, that it is a largely intermediate mountain. Is this it mostly broad cruiser runs? Or am I off base entirely?

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You nailed it!!!

I might add that it is a friendly feeling place. You will really like it if you can deal with the fact that it is powder heaven because it has snowy weather a lot.
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I'll add another "Yup" to all of the above, but I will also add that I've had as much fun skiing at Targhee as I have anywhere. Most of Fred's Mountain (the main peak) is perfection for learning and mastering powder skiing. Nothing steep, but much of the mountain has a sustained pitch with wide-opened slopes and open trees. If the clouds and wind have moved in, head to Chief Joseph and stay next to the trees. I've only skied the newly opened Learned Peak area once (cat skiing, which still services a portion of that mountain), but it was more of the same. Most people add Targhee to a Jackson Hole visit rather than an exclusive Targhee trip. This, of course, gives you many more options for big mountain skiing, dining, lodging, and non-skiing activities. However, if you simply want to work on perfecting powder skiing, Targhee could be a trip in and of itself.
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Targhee is awesome.
As for the weather, i skied there twice in two months last season, and had a very cold day the first trip up,sub zero temps, but clear skys. The second trip pup was their closing weekend. Sun shine for most part.
Don't plan on partying in Driggs. There's not much. Stay in Jackson more choices for night life, if your aren't to worn out.
I wouldn't say they are known for groomers. They pride themselves on the powder. Try the area south of the resort, where they put in a new high speed quad last year. Hardly any grooming over there, and lots of glad skiing.
Buy a ptroler some brews, they most likley help you out with some great stashes [img]smile.gif[/img]
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It has been about 10 years since I was there but the night life was non-existent. I got bored one night and went to Driggs for pizza. When I asked if they had wine, I got a look like I was satan asking for a virgin! I thought the skiing was fine. If you like wine, bring your own; it's mormon country y'no and that's why it's so expensive to drink in Jackson. Good scenery at Targhee too.
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Go to Targhee.

If you are in it for the powder skiing go to Targhee. and if you catch it in a really good cycle, you will realize your powder skiing dreams there. The whole ski area is the perfect pitch for sking pow. you can ski short turns at slower speeds or it is just steep enough to really let big dogs rip. The patrol chutes are great sking with some airtime and the powder stash has a lot hidden lines, just keep your speed up and watch the gullies approaching the cat track back to the base. The new quad on Peaked Peak has really good skiing like someone mentioned above but it is a bit of a mixed blessing becuase it cut into the cat skiing a bit.

The Trap Bar is always a good time aprees ski. Bands, beers and music. But for sure things slow down in the eveening. But by then you are tired from skiing and winding down from your dancing and drinkning AND it will be really good the next day too. So it all wotks out just right.

I've been goiung to Targhee since 1991 coaching my X-Team clinics with my Bros and the Egan Boys and I will be going there for the next ten years. It was where my son Wildon skied for the first time when he was a just a sprite and I've, for sure, had some of the best powder days ever on those slopes.

So...there's my two cents on Grand Targhee, Wyoming!
Go to Targhee!
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I would recommend Targhee. I've only been there for one day, but it snowed 19 inches, about 15 of which fell from 9am to 2pm. Being a storm day and never having been their before you would have thought it would have been difficult to find my way around, but the lifts are placed in great locations, and have sustained pitches for the entire run. If you are goint to be in the Jackson area, go to Targhee on days when it storms(if you can make it over the pass). They are able to keep all of their lifts open, while Jackson will close the Tram and Quad.

Their are a couple of "expert" areas at Targhee. From the top of the new Sacajawea lift, offload to the left, then go as far to the skiers right as you can, and there are some nice cliff bands. The Mary's Nipple hike is also quite good.
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