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Cool news at Mt. Baker!

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As reported from Mt Baker website.
We have received a phenomenal amount of snow this week and we have fantastic snow coverage. We have been in a unique cold weather pattern and Baker has been receiving snow when other mountain areas have been receiving rain. This is the MOST SNOWBASE WE HAVE HAD FOR OPENING DAY IN ALMOST A DECADE!

The forecast for the next four days is for continued cold temperatures and more fresh snow with sun breaks so it's looking like great conditions for the weekend.

For opening day on Thursday we will be operating Chairs 1,2,3,5, and 8 and we anticipate being in full operation with all lifts running and both base areas open for the weekend. . . .and there might even be a rail or two up!

Base: 50"
Pan Dome" 60"

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By GAWD that felt good -- 14" of new (PNW powder), 23 degrees, sunshine. Good to be back on the boards.
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any deals for us canucks at Baker? I know they used to have Cdn$ at par for some days, etc....
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Was at Baker today. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the snow coverage was. All the lifts were open and it looked like 90-95% of all the terrain was skiable. No nasty bare spot or rocks on the main trails and there was boot top deep powder even though it had been 4-5 days since the last snowfall.

It was my first time at Baker, and I'll definitely be back. The only thing that spoiled the trip was the speeding ticket I got passing through Sumas. Damn!
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