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The Alps on New Year's Day

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Here's a photo I took earlier today it's over the lower Savoie region of France (Mont Blanc is way in the back somewhere)
Unfortunately I wasn't skiing here, but I hope you like it.

Happy New Year

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Great photo mate. Any more would be much appreciated. Whereabouts are you? Anywhere near La Clusaz? Happy New Year btw.
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I wish!
I was on my way back from a New Year's party in Naples, coming home to Belfast, where the temperature has been dropping to -15 at nights, and there has been some snow (but not enough to ski on, even though I thought about it.
On the flight out we had better views over Mont Blanc, but I was in an aisle seat, so couldn't get any shots.
Will maybe post a few other ski shots I've taken over the last year in Whistler & Winter Park later today.
Glad you enjoyed the photo

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I looked at planes from the ground (Stoos, Switzerland). They were all white from the reflected snow.
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I spent my new years Eve on the snow in the Alps. The legendary Garmisch Hütten tour. It was a blast and a nice moonlit night down. No hangover even.
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