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Mont Tremblant Locals or Regulars?

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Looking for some inside info if anyone has any on Mt. Tremblant.

It's a possible location for a cheap(ish) January trip for 4-5 days.

What can you tell me about the following:

Johansen Deslauriers in a studio (kitchenette)

A 1 B condo at Le Plateau

1 B at L'Algonquin

1 B at Les Falaises

Or how about the Hotel Mont Tremblant?

We usually get something with a kitchenette or kitchen to save money on breakfast and lunch, but would consider a neat lodge or Inn especially if it kept the price down.

Also, how is the weather, conditions and crowds around January 10th?

If anyone has any other suggestions for lodging that I haven't found on Tremblant's site...throw it at me!
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I had the same questions a couple of weeks ago and Slider turned me on to a great site (thanks man).


: :

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Originally posted by Ullr:
I had the same questions a couple of weeks ago and Slider turned me on to a great site (thanks man).


: :
Cool, thanks!
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Jan 10 can be pretty cold, or rain (seriously). For some reason we tend to get a thaw right around then. Mr Bond over at tremblant-insider can give you lots more info if you want.

Only other advice I can give is get out there early for some fast laps before the crowds hit. I usually go up around 7:45 (season pass holders can ride early, lifts open at 8:30) then have fun until around 10:30 when any crowds that are there arrive. Also stay up near the top or on the north side, the line at the gondola can be brutal.
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Sorry if all my comments are out of order but I am typing in order of my memory.

I wasn't that impressed with Tremblant when I went last January.

I have to say that it is pretty cheap to ski and stay there.

First of all it is a hike from Boston but that wasn't too bad.

It was extremely cold up there in January to the point where you could get frostbite on exposed skin but the locals said it was unaturally cold that week. We had all the proper gear so it was slightly bearable but still pretty painful in the morning. I got chapped and wind burned where my skin was slightly exposed from my gator to my helmet and goggles from one lift ride.

The food wasn't bad but nothing spectacular.

The shops were cool to look around in and the village was fun to walk around in at night.

We only hung out at one bar (not sure if there were any more) where the beers were cheap and they played loud 80s music so that was fun.

The shuttle service was slow and stops running at I think like 10:30 or 11:00 p.m. which sucks if you have to hike back up to your condo or catch a cab if you can find one.

The ski in/ski out from the Le Plateau was a joke. You had to go down some slippery stone steps and then ski on a very small trail (which would be hard for beginners as a first morning run). The trail also goes over some very narrow bridges and roadways which can get interesting at the end of the day when there are ruts.

The condo was really nice and had alot of beds but we had the 3 bedroom so I'm not sure about the 1 bedroom.

The mountain is small and flat in the middle so it gets old pretty quickly. It is funny that there is a nice little pitch at the end of the mountain right before the village where all the lines are so people are flying around.

It was extremely crowded at the base village all day.

Overall I was glad that I tried it but I do not think I would go back.

Some of the people I went up with are actually going back for New Years so I guess it is a matter of taste.

Have fun if you do decide to drive up and stay there and hopefully it won't be as cold and windy.
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Thanks Scalce.

You hit on one major point that I've sort of been worried about. The fact that you basically thought (without saying it) that it sucked as terrain. The summit is like 2800 feet? That's lower than my home mountain of Seven Springs even though the vert at Tremblant is higher.

I'm most afraid that I will drive 10 hours there and be really jacked off that I didn't drive to Killy/MRG/'Bush instead because the place is kind of boring. Is it really worth a 10-11 hour drive compared to VT? I'm really doubting that lately.
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I would say that most people go there for the atmosphere and non-skiing activities.

I am by no means an expert skier but I was pretty unimpressed that I had to ski uphill on a few blacks.

It was a demo weekend so I demoed the Atomic SX11 and I swear that I almost straightlined the whole mountain without feeling like it was too fast. The backside does have some nice jumps and some short and steep bumps but it is short and extremely windy. I wouldn't go to Tremblant for the terrain. If Tremblant had the village and a mountain like Sunday River or Killington it would be awesome.

BTW I asked my wife about the shuttle service and she thinks it actually ended at like 9:00.
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hey taylormatt,
being a local i can give you some advice for tremblant, be sure to come and ski the week, way less crowded, because its the christmas vacation the week-ends are really crowded, you wont even find a local on the trails. as for the lodging you will find everything on their website, packages and all that stuff. i can recommend you a a nice bed and breakfast called Le Pimbina, its a very charming place with a huge fireplace and a nice jacuzzi spa. while being in tremblant you should try the nice bar 'Le Caribou', there should be people hanging aroud every night during the vacation time, for a nice good beer there is a micro-brewery called 'La Diable'. and for the best meals there is 'La Forge' which is by far the best restaurant in the region. try to avoid the south side of the mountain, its usually long and the trails are not as good as the north and soleil sides, for glades and good snow there is The Edge, well i hope i gave you some infos that will help you and write me if you want to learn more about the mountain.
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