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Steamboat! Amazing!!

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They're saying that got 55" of snow in the last 72 hours - should I believe that?! AMAZING!!!!
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It can snow tons in steamboat I would belive it
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Headed there in 6 days. Hope the snow keeps up.
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Believe it. I have friends there. They've been getting 10-14 a day since saturday. I let up a bit yesterday with only 8".

I hope it keeps up, I leave for da boat Saturday! I wish I had booked this trip for this week rather than next week, but it should still be great conditions.
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I can personally vouch for over two feet of that stuff Oboe. When I went to Copper the following days I kept watching the reports for Steamboat. Copper was getting blasted also. The last day I skied was thigh deep stuff.
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