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Backcountry PCMR to Deer Valley?

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Are there a) known/used backcountry routes between the 2 and b) printed/web/informal guides of the same. Come to think of it any other out-of-bounds guides for the area. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]


NB I am aware of the organised trip that takes you from PCMR over to Alta and Snowbird.
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I don't ski that area often, but I believe that neither PCMR nor Deer Valley allow boundary-crossing. In any event, there's almost no space between the two, so it's not like there's much in the way of backcountry available.

The Canyons, on the other hand, does have at least one backcountry access gate and quite a lot of backcountry skiing accessible from the resort. Keep in mind that four or five people have been killed by avalanches outside The Canyons boundaries in the last few years. In essentially every case, the victims (and the rest of their parties) were not properly equipped for backcountry skiing and had either not listened to or completely ignored the avalanche forecasts.

As far as your query about backcountry guides for the area, I'm not sure if you mean guides as in printed material or guides as in someone you can hire. If you mean printed material, the most comprehensive one for that area is probably:


Volume II is the one you would want.

The following book is outstanding for most of the Wasatch and *especially* for other mountain ranges in Utah, but I don't remember if Tyson covers any of the area in close proximity to PCMR. My copy is at home so I'm just not sure.


If you mean guides for hire in the PCMR area, I'm not so sure. I know these people:


do guided backcountry skiing/boarding trips in the Wasatch, and they are *most* excellent. I just don't know if their permit area includes the stuff near Park City.

White Pine Touring is the only real backcountry ski shop in Park City and their website lists backcountry tours. You might want to contact them with their questions. I've never had any real interaction with them, but they have a great reputation.


Good luck,

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Bob is right,
DV and PCMR do not share an open boarder. In Summit County,Utah,(park city) has a law on the books, that if a person crosses a ski area boundry, it's a $1,000 fine, and or 6 months in jail. And not to mentioned, the resorts will prosacute for Threft of Services, if a person gets caught. So ask yourself is it really worht it?
For backcountry skking, try the Cottonwood Canyons. Some odf the best , in the west. Also if you plan on skiing the Utah backcountry, please make sure your 100% preparded, as well as know what your getting into.

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The boundary between the two is simply the width of a rope in some areas if you know were to look. Basically it's off of the McConkey's chair. Like it was mentioned before, don't get caught, it's a misdemeaner.

Here's a question, if one were to be skiing from the canyons through the backcountry access gate and skied into PCMR where you hold a pass, can they proscecute you for coming into the resort and ducking the rope? I guess it's more rhetorical than anything since the law says what it says.
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