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Conditions in Tahoe

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I'm going to be in Tahoe this Thursday 2/28 and Friday 3/1. What are the conditions like now at Squaw, Alpine, Sugar Bowl and Kirkwood? I see that there is no snow in the forecast for the next week or so. Which resort will have the best conditions if there is indeed no new snow? I can choose where I'd like to ski but want to make sure that most of the advanced terrain has enough coverage to make skiing it enjoyable. I'd prefer to go to Squaw since it's supposed to be a great mountain. Will most of the steeper stuff there be skiable? Thanks for the help!
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It will all be tempature dependant if there is no new snow. All the mountains you mentioned are excellent if the skiing is spring conditions. You do have to know how to "follow the sun" and as Holiday has pointed out if its too warm head for the elevation, Kirkwood or Mt Rose.

Don't fret about it not being good because if we are in spring conditions. It will be as good if not better than mid winter, there's not much better skiing than the infamous spring corn of the Sierra Neveda.
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Everything is skiable. We still have about 105% of normal snow for this time of year and the base is solid from some rains and freezes. The steeps are looking good and springy at the moment. cheers, Wade
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Saturday at Squaw SUCKED! the wind was aweful and the frozen rain pellets didn't help much either. Alot of the snow was blown off and left a very icy mountain.

BUT yesterday at SugarBowl was FANTASTIC, at least on the Disney chair, not sure what happened over on Lincoln?? It was a sheet of ice! But the East side of the mountain was great. The ice soften up and between the sun and soft snow, the skiing was fantastico!
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Has anyone been to Alpine Meadows recently? If so, how's the snow?
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Bad news for you is that Tahoe is in Spring freeze thaw mode and forecast to stay that way for the foreseeable future(ie, the weekend you're here) All resorts will be the same. Alpine has excellent spring skiing as do Sugarbowl and Squaw Valley. Hit the east and south facing slopes first and then follow the sun. If the winds howling or the temps stay in in the high 30's to low 40's,the daily thaw may not occur(Minkers day @ SV and the North facing Lincoln lift at Sugarbowl)The higher elevation resorts may not thaw as nicely as the aforementioned three. Today at Mt Rose only the SE east facing slopes got soft enough to be fun, Mt Rose also is amongst the highest resorts @ Tahoe. Unfortunately its going to be a crapshoot for you but if there's minor wind and 8000 foot temps into the mid ti high 40's or above you'll have a blast.

Hourly weather-Tahoe

Ward Mt is the top of Alpine, Sierra Crest is the top of Squaw Valley, Slide Mt is the top of Mt. Rose. The others are self expanatory

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I thought I saw Minker at the bowl Sunday. I wasn't sure however and was in the middle of my MA portion so I decided against yelling something at her.

Sorry we lost you last week : Was it a good "yahd sale" or did you just make a wrong turn? I ended up picking up a lesson on the next run through.
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I spent last Wed-Sat at Kirkwood. I Hate to be negative, however it was the worst 4 consecutive days of snow conditions I have skied at Kirkwood in the last 10 yrs (25 day/yr skier so its a low sampling). Weather was great- clear and warm, but skiing was pretty much confined to the groomers, which gets old for 4 days.

The weekend of Feb 16-17 dumped a cold snow (which I missed) Drove up Tues 2/19 in a rain. On Wed, my son and I skied in a mist- snow was funky, wet and like peanut butter- little did I know that this was the best off-piste snow for the next 4 days. This hardened up and even though we got some nice warm days- I never found any nice spring snow. Off piste I found boiler plate, death cookies and frozen tracks that eventually might turn to manky slush if in the sun enough.None of the nice spring corn that Kirkwood can dish out. As evidence of this I saw very few skiers off the groomed runs Thurs-Sat.

From the weather reports plan to enjoy the warm weather through Mar 1 and dont expect much of the snow conditions. If you go to Kirkwood (or probobly anywhere else in tahoe) Plan to bring skis that handle "firm" conditions and slush.
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Monday at Squaw was sick... the sun was out and softened up everything that froze over the weekend. A couple of runs were still closed due to the ice (this is the funniest thing - all of these spoiled locals who think that stuff is ice!), but whatever the sun was on was great.
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Just re-read your orignal post prosper - some of the stuff off KT-22 was closed (Chute 75, Moseley's, etc..) and most of the Palisades were closed when I left. Don't know what the weather was like the past couple of days.
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I have to agree with you Llama on the conditions at Lake Tahoe this past week. It was spring skiing from Friday to Tuesday except for the overcast, windy, freezing rain Saturday at Alpine Meadows. I did, however, have a great time skiing right on to the Summit Six lift and heading down D8 and Wolverine Bowl mostly by myself. The one mistake I made was getting caught in the Sherwood Chair line for 30 minutes just before noon. It seems that the word was out that Sherwood Face and Sherwood Run got the only sun of the day and had the best snow of the morning. I skied South Face once but it was crusted over and was too much work making hop turns down. Oh well, after lunch, most were in the lodge having a few pints instead of enjoying the front of the mountain to themselves. It was definately your typical East Coast skiing day there on Saturday but I enjoyed it. I'll be sure to head back there on a better day the next time I'm in town to try some of the stuff that was not trully frozen over.
I ran into several people Saturday night who skied Squaw in the same conditions and had nothing but horror stories of the "wind swept ice fields." I headed there the next morning knowing that if the sun was out that would be the best mountain to be on all day. I was not disappointed. No lines anywhere on a Sunday even at 12:30 in the High Camp Lodge. I found great conditions all over the Mountain by following the sun. The only two areas I did not get to were Squaw Creek and Silverado (very dissapointed because I love that area). The best snow was on Granite Chief and Emigrant in the morning Shirley Lake at Noon was good and found alot of hard pack on lower Solitude. I found super soft bumps on Broken Arrow and Sun Bowl in the Afternoon. Unfortunately, I could not find really good spring snow on KT-22 or Red Dog (boiler plate). I'm sure it was there somewhere for the locals.
I skied Heavenly on Friday in very warm conditions so there was soft snow from top to bottom with big slush bumps in Mott Canyon. Skied Sierra at Tahoe on Monday. Sierra was allright but is better suited for local borders. The terrain kind of reminded me of places in Vermont and New York. Claude's free lesson (tip not included) for intermediates/advanced and above was well worth it. Carving Hard Snow. Take the free lessons!(Great instructor Claude!)
The best conditions were yesterday at Sugar Bowl! What a great mountain! Why was no one there for $35.00 lift tickets on a beautiful sunny California day??? Never a wait. Zero lines. Ski down ski on the lift. Is this really the best kept secret in Tahoe???
On my last day I beat myself up by getting the most vertical possible. I found untracked cord after lunch on Overland, Mad Dog and Crow's Traverse. The whole Mt. Disney was incredible from Sugar Bowl and Nancy's Couloir to Disney Nose. I would have loved to have tried Silver Belt, Fuller's Folly and Sisters but they looked a little sketchy and I did not see one person ski them all day. Hari Kari, Vanderbilt, and the bumps on Rahlve's Run were all good. Soft conditions were to be had all day on Mt. Judah and Jerome Hill. I even found super soft untracked snow in the trees on Roller Pass, Juniper and Graydon Glades. What a great day to end what will probably be my last skiing day of the season.
I did not come to Tahoe for "epic" powder days. Yeah, it would have been nice. Instead, I came for "epic" terrain and found "epic" spring conditions in Late February.
By the way, we saw snow here in Georgia today!

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[quote]Originally posted by rustyedge:
[QB]The best conditions were yesterday at Sugar Bowl! What a great mountain! Why was no one there for $35.00 lift tickets on a beautiful sunny California day??? Never a wait. Zero lines. Ski down ski on the lift. Is this really the best kept secret in Tahoe???

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yeah, Shhhh, unless you are coming for lessons. The skischool could use more bookings!

wink wink nudge

P.S. I'll be there Friday 3-1 waiting to see if I get selected to teach..

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It's wonderful, glorious spring skiing conditions in S. Lake Tahoe! Just got back from 6 fantastic days. No powder, but the weather is warm and sunny, and the snow softens beautifully by midday. I'll take it!
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Spring is here. Sugarbowl had firm pack/groomed in the morning and nice corn by mid day Friday and Saturday.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by dchan:
Spring is here. Sugarbowl had firm pack/groomed in the morning and nice corn by mid day Friday and Saturday.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I though Sugarbowl was pretty icy this Saturday especially Disney and Lincoln.
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some snow in tahoe... more coming next week
looking forward to hitting the slopes next weekend!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by john11:

I though Sugarbowl was pretty icy this Saturday especially Disney and Lincoln.

Quite possible. since I am teaching Level 1-4, I don't get off the lower mountain much until later in the day. Disney was on wind hold all day Friday so we never got up very high. I used to complain about "ice" and "crud" but now it's just a different play field. Skiing in VT and on the glacier in Blackcomb have cured me of "ICY!" screams. Maybe a little slick but sharp edges and good balance go a long way to skiing right over that frozen H2O
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Did we really get 2 ft? that's what the local news is reporting! [img]smile.gif[/img]

more on the way! Yee haa!
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3 ft at kirkwood, by the time the storm is over should be well over 4 ft!!!
also the weather this weekend should be nice and clear
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Yeee Ha! I'll be at Kirkwood tomorrow!

I am sooooooooooo excited!
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Yesterday (Thursday) was one the best powder day this year! It was cold and snowing all day, so even with only 6 and 11 chairs open you can find a lot of powder everywhere.
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any of you guys know when the season at kirkwood usually ends in years like this one? i just saw a pretty good deal on their website-- 99$ from March 18 to the end of the season.
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Freshies for all all morning Friday too! and Blue skies to boot. Only bad part of the day was the Avalanche and death.
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Just flew back from CA yesterday. Last Wednesday the great snow started falling. Thursday was magnificent at Heavenly, even with the near-blizzard conditions, and Friday was about the most beautiful ski day I have had in a decade... crystal blue skies and freshies. There was some OK spring conditions earlier in the week too.

So happy to be back in the office.
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