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Looking to possibly to visit Vail at the end of March (20-26). Does Vail historically get enough snow in Feb.-March to give me some comfort that the skiing will good? A current base of 44" does not give me a lot of confidence that the skiing will be worth the trip.
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Historically, March is the snowiest month in Colorado. The mountains often get significant snowfall well into May (I drove to Telluride one Memorial Day in a blizzard that dumped 17 inches). The areas in Colorado do typically have great skiing through March. Long, warm, sunny days, with a solid base. Often you will get fresh snow as a bonus. Colorado is higher than Utah or the Sierras, so it often stays colder longer. Every year however is different, and there are no guarantees.

It just depends what you want. If you want cold powder days, go earlier. If you want spring conditions, late March is great.
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I agree with Fredskier. March and April are usually great snow months for the Summit County and Vail resorts. I've been going to Colorado for the last 20 years in April for Spring skiing only to find excellant conditions and many times deep powder dumps, especially in April.

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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Splace, I agree that late March is a great time to ski in Colorado. Last year we skied until late April. Typically March and April get lots of snow.

Hey Lars missed your 1,000 post, congrats, I think.
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