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Volant Gravity Epic '02

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I can get the Volant Gravity Epic '02 175cm for 279 and was wondering if it would fit me right.

Tech support for skiers says this : "Slides well, carves well, can handle good speed, tracks well. "

Thing is the skis I have right now are intermediate skis, and I was going to buy the volkl g3's, but I can't afford them. I'm gonna buy new boots for sure(salomon xwave 8's)

I ski mostly black, nothing overly extreme. I love the trees, and powder.

What do you guys think?

I'm 5-9, 140, 19 yo and athletic. Oh, and REALLY on a budget.
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I would get the boots first, including at least custom insoles, or orthodics. The website;bootfitters.com or a ski speciality store that you trust and knows had a good boot fitter.

If the budget is blown there, perhaps a season of renting skis with the option to try various types during the season so you can find out what works best for you may be a possibility. The ski shop that selss you your boots could be helpful.

Never ever buy your boots over the internet. See a boot fitter.
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You should not buy Volant skis without trying them. They have a different feel that many love (me!) and many hate. From watching your vids, I think that you might enjoy a ski that has more "snap" to it. On the other hand, you may really like the feeling of security in sketchy conditions that you get with Volants.
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I have to go along with milesb on this one Volant skis aren't for everyone. A Bargin ski isn't a bargin if you don't like the ski.
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Seems you made the decisson. G3's are ok. I would have waited to try several brands.

I skiied 5 different skis with my new boots before settling on Volant T3-Powers. Great go anywhere ski. In some parts of the country if you chose Volant's you would be looked upon as having chosen wisly. In other parts, they just look at you funny. For edge hold, everone else has been trying to catch up. Once you feel the steel... , well, enjoy your new skis. There the best you ever had. The passion for a ski is in the eye of the beholder.

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The Epic is a great balance for hard and soft snow. But as mentioned 1. boots first B. (if you can)Demo, Volants aren't for everyone.
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