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The Poconos?

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I am planning to meet up with relatives somewhere in "the Poconos." They don't ski, but I want to. Any suggestions? Is there a resort where they can find some things for little kids to do while I can get to ski...<FONT size="1">

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Here's a site that covers the Poconos. You can link to all the ski areas from here, and see what's close to your vacation spot.
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I've skied Jackfrost and Big Boulder but it was about ten years ago. Good areas for beginners. Try the link below, it lists all the Pocono ski areas. Happy sking!

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Oops, lost the link somehow...here it is...
Same stuff as the previous link, I'm sure.

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I used to live in NEPA (Northeast PA). Camelback is pretty good and there is an outlet mall pretty much a couple of miles from the mountain.. that does not help with the little ones but might help with other friends that don't ski.

I really like Elk Mountain. It's a pretty good size mountain (for NEPA.. so it's not huge or anything, but bigger than most in the area). It's farther north and a little more out of the way, depending where you are going.

I hate Montage. It is so small, I get bored after 1 hour. Also, a ton of people that just cannot ski go there and it is a pain.
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Mack is right, Elk is the best skiing in NEPA, but as for keeping your little guys occupied, how about the sno-tubing hill at Jack Frost ski area? warning: Jack can be ridiculously crowded on holiday weekends.
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