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Northeast Snow Indicator

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Irrefutable evidence that we need to move Whiteface Mountain about 100 miles west, in the vicinity of Watertown, NY.

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I always pays to place the mountain in a direct line with lake effect snow.
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Whiteface is the best mountain on the east coast hands down. I'd even go so far as to say its probably one of the best mountains in the country on a good day. It really is too bad that it doesn't get as much snow as some of the vermont resorts. Where else can you ski 3600'+ of vertical in one shot? Plus, since its over 5+ hours from NYC you lose the yuppie crowds that make Okemo, Killington, and Stowe such nightmares on the weekends, thats not to say that those mountains are bad, I just could do without the weekend attitude. Plus if you look at the UMP for the next couple of years with the terrain expansion and the work on the glade network that is on going oh man! For those who complain its too cold...SKIING IS A WINTER SPORT, deal with it

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Whoa, Nelly. By the resort's own stats, Whiteface's vert is 3,166 lift-served feet and 3,430 with the hike to The Slides. Maybe you're thinking 3,600+ if you manage to ski from the very top? Still, I absolutely agree that the Face is an ass-kicking mountain undone only slightly by its partially deserved reputation for icy conditions. Reasons I love Mr. Whiteface: big continuous vert, steepness, high-speed lifts, and a virtue shared only by other state-owned ski areas like Gore, Belleayre, and to a certain extent, Cannon: no major development within eyeshot of the mountain summit (no condos, no hotels, no six-lane highways... no nuthin!).

Unfortunately, its location in a New York State "Forever Wild" area will also doom it from ever realizing its potential as a ski area. If I understand it correctly, the Olympic Authority is very limited in how much it can expand the skiable terrain there. Just think how big it would be if they could throw trails over the ENTIRE mountain... it would be easily as large as many big-name western areas.
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Yep, too bad the Tug Hill Plateau is just that-with two ski areas of 300' and 500'. Good for snowmobilers though. I like Whiteface very much, although it sure can have it's ugly moments!We were up last year for the Empire State games after a rain,thaw and freeze and it lived up to the "Iceface" rep-foggy, icy and not a lot of fun. Our daughter, a decent high school and Easterns racer did the Super G-I don't think I've seen her look so tentative since she was little! Surprisingly, the mountain was able to groom and make snow for the next day and produce darn good skiing!
I also like the lack of development around the area- the less than perfect lodge/parking/access helps keep the "ski vacationers" away. I always laugh at the pictures of fine dining,shopping, the ski mags-all I want at the end of the day is a beer and a burger! If you've got energy for all that you haven't been skiing hard enough!
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Does Whiteface get more snow than Jay? According to the map posted above the two areas look to have recieved the same amount of snow. I have never made the trip to Whiteface, but would like to based on the reputtation for challenging trails, glade skiing, copious natural snow and unspoiled setting.

Another ski area with a beautiful setting with no base development and a great lift system is Wild Cat in Pinkham Notch, NH.
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I love the 'face. I was up there in the beginning of January, right after the storm that paralyzed much of the east coast. It was on one of their "super sundays" (1/2 price tickets) I figured it would be mobbed. Apparently, downstaters either couldn't get there because of the weather, or were afraid of the weather. I skied right up to every lift that day-even the gondola. There was about a foot of cut up powder everywhere (the slides were closed, though)To top it off-it was very overcast-until you got about 1500' up the mountain-then you broke into full sunshine with a carpet of clouds below-and all of the higher peaks poking through in the distance-absolutely beautiful.
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