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Ryan, wassssuuupppp?

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? milesb@epicski.com<FONT size="1">

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you talkin' to me?

- Travis Bickle
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You talkin' to ME?
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Ryan is thinkin' about powder technique, Miles, and has been almost non-stop since last weekend. He would NOT say the day was discouraging; quite the opposite. He tells me he now knows EXACTLY what to do, drill-wise, when he next skis, which WAS to have been tomorrow, until his driver bailed out, which Ryan sees, so far as I can tell, as his driver's right.
Anyway, the feeling he, um, felt, going down through that STUFF at Baldy was ENTIRELY different from how he felt - I'm trying to paraphrase him accurately(he's a bit of a mumbler) - that last run Christmas Day at Mtn. High, when - sigh - he felt, at least fleetingly, like a skier. The difference between going OVER snow, as opposed to THROUGH it, was, according to him, noticeable. Ryan got a kick, by the way, of the first word of one of YOUR recent replies to a "short turn" question. "Easy." Man, that was great. "Easy," he says. Ryan smiled (I know, I was there) and muttered something like, "Freakin' MilesB...easy my arss."

'Twas a pleasure skiing w/you, MB, and to get a glimpse of how I'd like to be skiing...someday.
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What in the heck have you started here?


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