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Thoughts on Powder Mountain, et al.?

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We'll be in Utah next week for 3 1/2 days of skiing (Thursday through 1/2 day on Sunday - 4p.m. flight out). We'll being staying with some friends in Sandy. There are four or five of us skiing - one is a never-ever, the rest of us vary but run the range from an intermediate who hasn't skied in ten-years to advanced to expert. Our never-ever, Lynn is fairly strong athletically; she is planning on taking lessons and I think she'll be a quick learner.

We figure to start and end the trip at Alta (Thursday and Sunday). The remaining two days are up for grabs. My wife is leaning towards a day at Solitude; she has wanted to go there for a while. I was thinking we ought to try Snowbasin or Powder Mountain - but I haven't heard much about Powder Mountain, but I am curious - the trail map seems odd - is the "base area" at mid-mountain? How is the night skiing? (we could squeeze in an extra half-day that way). I figure that Snowbird is a little too limited in beginner/easy-intermediate terrain for Lynn. We will not go back to the Canyons after our last experience there (long story) and my wife is not a big fan of PCMR. I was thinking that Deer Valley might also be a good option - particularly for Friday - it would give Lynn two days to learn without worrying about boarders.

Of course, all of this is subject to snow conditions - I'm not going to drive an hour (or more?) from Sandy to Powder Mountain if there's a dump in LCC the night before.

Your thoughts and advice will be much appreciated.

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Alta on friday, less crowded. weekends at solitude.
have not been to powder mountain in years. but it was empty then.
Brighton has great terrain & a good ski school for your friend. Ogden resorts are great but with a short stay in Sandy I see no reason you should ever leave the Cottonwood canyons

let it SNOW!!
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Thanks for the advice. We may just stay in the Cottonwoods. We hadn't really considered Brighton, amid reports from friends that it boarder-friendly to the point of not being very skier-friendly - particularly for beginners - which is why we thought Alta would be a good place for her to start.

Any thoughts on which of the four CC resorts has the best ski school for beginners?


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It's to bad your wife doesn't like PCMR They have a lot od beginers terrain off of 1st time chair and 3 kings chair the ski school is pretty.Deer Valley has an excellent ski school and you can't beat it for cutomer srvice.If snowboarders are aproblem for you then forget Brighton. Since you are staying in Sandy your best bet would be Alta and Solitude.

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Solitude & Alta both have fantastic ski schools.
both have good long greens also.
maybe lessons both days for your beginnner
both have enough "other" terrain that you will not be bored either. Solitude is a much better weekend bet although Alta was not crowded on Saturday 1/27
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