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Just got back from Summit county (loveland, copper, winterpark, vail). A quick condition report (3/21-24).

Copper had the best snow. We seemed to find great conditions just about everywhere we looked. Quite a mountain. I recommend it to anyone looking for steeps serviced by uncrowded chair lifts.

Vail was also in pretty good shape. Caught an epic afternoon in Blue sky trees. morning snow had scared everyone out of the back bowls. We had blue sky to ourselves with 8" of fresh (3/24).

Loveland has epic snow. Chair 9 was closed the day we were there (3/21) which kind of sucked. They will have snow for months. I think they got 6-7 feet from the big storm.

WinterPark also got hammered (100+ base). A good resort if you like bumps. I don't, and I thought it was lame otherwise. I couldn't find a chair that serviced anything but bump and groomer trails. The top chair just isn't that steep.

All in all, conditions are fantastic. Go to Copper. I thought it has the best terrain outside of Vail.

The drought may finally be over.