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K2 Axis XR vs Atomic 11.12/9.12 vs Volkl P50SC

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Interested to hear opinions on the:
  • K2 Axis XR/Mach S (160)</font>
  • Atomic 11.12 (157) and 9.12 (160)</font>
  • Volkl P50 SC (160)</font>
Do all these skis rip or is there a clear stand out.
I am not expecting the K2 to be in the same class as the Atomic 11.12 or Volkl but would like to hear what people have to say regardless.

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Don't get the volkl. Compared to the other slalom skis on the market it feels dead and lifeless. It is very stiff from all the metal in it and then is dampened alot by the parker piston race plate, so there seems to be no energy out of the ski. I skied it for two days in the spring at waterville... didnt have any luck on it at all. I havent tried the new atomics or K2's but if i were you i would ski on the atomic 11.12. If you are going to ski the K2 mach s/ axis xr, then i would lean more towards a stock race ski, they are great skis by comparison to the shelf model. (that is providing youre planning on doing some racing and very aggressive carving).

EDIT: Also the volkl had no edgehold by comparison to any other slalom race skis i have been on. If i were you i would wait till the season rolls aorund and demo a few of the slalom skis because they all ski differently, so then you can chose one based on your personal preferences.

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Interesting about the Volkl.

No intention to race at all. Just want a shorty slalom for front side carving. I am working at DV so will have plenty of groomers to rip up.
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Yeah, you'll have plenty of time to demo there. My vote is for the Atomic, but dont count out Rossignol, Dynastar, Salomon, and the all famous Fischer SC. Out of all the shelf model slalom skis i would say that the fischer is probably the best out of the bunch, and if i was looking for an all mountain front side ski - thatd be the one i chose - especially at DV where there isnt ice (im from western NY). Id reccommend the Elan SLX but they only build stocks, so if you are looking for that same shape in a softer package try the HCX. the only difference between the two skis is how much titanium is in them.
Good luck
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At the moment the Atomic 11.12s seem to be the pick from quite a few people I have spoken to through various media.
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Own both the Atomic and K2

Give the edge to the Atomic.

Have to be stealthy because I pro-rep for K2.

The SL9 has a little more shape and a little more energy. It is a carving machine.

I will give the edge to the K2 in small tight bumps due to a slightly narrower tail.
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I have 3 pair of Race Stock Atomic 9.12's for sale. I pair has only been skied in 3 races (6; 1 minute race runs, never been freeskied) They are literally like new. FACTORY RACE RoOM TUNE STILL INTACT!

This ski is in essence the same as this year SL:9. I have either Atomic 6.14 or 10.18 to go on them and you could either have the big silver plate that comes on the stor bought model or the race plate like on the 10.22 only in yellow. I want $600.00 for them.

I also have 2 other identical pair with more use. 1 I want $550.00 for and one I will sell the other fOR $500.00. Both have fresh tune & wax!

Also have a great pair 180cm Atomic 11.20 for sale with Xentric 6.14 $700.00 I have a new pair of R:11 & am keeping them for my all-mountain ski!
Same (except graphic) to the new R:11

Call Cliff 425-562-1240 or email volklman@aol.com
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I wouldn't rule out the Volkls based on helluva skier's review... Never in my life have I heard Volkls described as "lifeless" or lacking edgehold until I met Greg on this discussion board. I have no idea what he has against Volkls, but the vast, vast majority of people who try them absolutely love them. Including the testers from all the magazines. So unless you are a superstar world cup, helluva good skier who needs the same level skis as Hermann Maier, I'd definitely demo the Volkl.
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UP Racer:

I have to agree with you about GREG(Heluvaskier), I have never heard of or skied a VOLKL that was lifeless and had no edgehold or that was dead. Maybe he had a pair that was worn out or poorly tuned or he doesn't know how to initiate a turn with the forebody of the ski. I have found Volkls have always been very demanding and needed to be skied aggressively & from your boots forward with very eexacting technique!

Over & out!
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I skied the Axis X Pro last year. The side cut is almost the same as the XR this year. I was at Snowmass. There wasn't much to ski but groomers (low snow accumlation) so I was kind of bored. I demoed the X Pros and was glad I did.

I could lay down rail road tracks with no effort all. I'm talking hip almost on the snow, both skis carving tight 21 m radius turns with abosolute confidence. I thought the 188s would be too short, but they were very stable at speed.

I've skied:
Salomon Xscreams
Rossi Bandit X, XX, and XXX
Dynastar 4x4 Big and 4x4 Powertrac

Of them all, the K2s were the best carving ski. I was so convinced that I bought the K2 Axis XP this year to replace my Bandit XXXs and 4x4 Powertracs.

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