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Zermatt in christmas

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I am thinking of going to zermatt next christmas. Can anyone
tell me about

1) Reliability of snow conditions during christmas
2) how is the ski-school for 6-9 yr old kids
3) Any tips on where we should stay to minimize walks to
bus or whatever transportation is available to take us to
the ski-lifts.
4) Is it too much of a risk (snow-conditions) to go during
christmas. should i just move it to April. Is april

Thx in advance
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OK, this is 2nd hand info, i never skied there. From what i read and heard, Zermatt is actually one of the safest places for snow. Altitude and the Theodul glacier combinded are a snow "guarantee". The Austrian national team *schedules* training camps in the summer there. I read in US mags about the relaxed out of bounds policy back home in the Alpes. This is generally correct, except specifically for the glaciers. The patrol get pretty pissed off at out of bounds first tracks there, because they hate to have to recover people from the cracks, if they can find them...

Check out
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My last trip there was on a Thanksgiving weekend and it was great - with the glacier, snow should be no problem at Christmas. You can stay virually anywhere in Zermatt and it won't be far to walk - there are no cars allowed in town, so they have golf carts and such moving people around. I think virtually every hotel has a golf cart type shuttle for their guests. I remember the whole town being pretty convenient and easy to get around on foot too. Don't know anything about the ski school, though.
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