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Rain in SF

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Alright! [img]smile.gif[/img]

According to the weather on Monday we were supposed to be dry today but I didn't catch the weather last night. Guess what! Its raining again! More snow headed for Tahoe
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It's been snowing here all morning.
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Yipeee! Keep it coming!!!!
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Just another record high temperature day here in Boston. :
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The great thing is it looks like we blew right past rock ski season. Skied last Saturday mostly on-piste but also some off-piste as well and my skies were no worse off. Last year it wasn't until late January or February that coverage was probably as good. I usually wait to get my skis stone ground until the odds of divots and dings are minimized. Looks like I can get 'em done next opportunity.
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It's still snowing. The forecast has been upgraded to "snow continuing into the night". [img]smile.gif[/img]
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oh, I think I am catching a cold!
Ahhhh-choo! :
Yes, I think I am feeling ill. Might have to stay home from work to "recover" tomorrow!

Edit:Thursday 9:30am and it's STILLLLLLLLL raining in SF!!! Still snowing up in Tahoe???

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