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CO PEAKS Card, yea or nay?

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I'm just wondering if this peaks card is the way to go. Requires a 14 day advance purchase, and gives 3 days at Breck, Keystone or A-basin. You can use 1 of the days @ Vail or Beaver. Costs $111. Seems like a deal, but are there better or just as good deals to be had locally like 2 for 1's etc.? Need to order in next 2 days if I'm going to. Thanks
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go with the "perfect ten" ticket. 10 days $330 6 resorts use vail as much as you want.
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Sorry, shoulda mentioned, I'm only there for 4 days.
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the perfect 10 looks good but why on earth do you have to ski one day before jan 31rst or they are all void, you can't use them during christmas vacation anyway so whats the deal, I ski summit co first part of febuary every year but not early enough to get this deal, I did buy the 4 pack for keystone & abasin, not real happy though the tickets are on a peaks card in a skiers name so if something happens sickness, injury, & someone can't make the trip the tickets can't be sold. it would seem that if they are going to do business this way they should have to give a refund if it was warranted, after all for someone to commit to come to their resort & spend money ahead of time that should be worth goodfaith, if they are worried about people buying ahead of time to resell they could limit the number you could buy, but really how much more than you paid could you sell them for, with them cutting back night skiing to 8pm even on fri, sat, along with other things this may well be my last trip to a vail owned resort. has anyone seen how difficult to buy multiple day tickets for multiple people on the website they have made it.
I have 2 adults & 2 children for 8 days so I needed 4 fourday adult & 4 fourday children, what a bunch of hassel I had to go thru to buy these.
just my .02 bteddy
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