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Getting to Val d'Isere

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I know I have seen alot of suggestions in other posts about traveling from Geneva to the French ski areas, and it looks like going by bus is the best option. However I have not been able to find any kind of web site or reference that shows schedules and prices. I am just trying to put some info together so I can decide whether or not it is cheaper to rent a car for my trip to Val d'Isere in mid January.

Thanks for the help,
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Check out the info on their website at http://www.valdisere.com/gb/sejour/acces/plan.php
(hope that works ok - haven't put a url in before!!)
I heard something about major roadworks on the road between geneva and france so you may want to give yourself a bit of extra time.
We went to Val D'Isere last year and went by train to Bourg St Maurice (direct from London which is handy!) and then bus from there (30 mins) so not sure about driving from Geneva. Some friends drove there from Lyon which was mostly alright except for the windy last bit which was a bit tricky in the snow at night! Make sure you have snow chains, though this may not help as apparently many people don't bother and get stuck, blocking the road completely I think I recall them having to park the car quite a way out of town.

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meant to put this link in (the one with the bus info) [img]smile.gif[/img]



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Driving up is generally fine...about 3hrs from Geneva.The only time you may find the last bit tricky will be if you arrive during a snowstorm, but carry chains in any case.

Parking may be an issue and may be the deciding factor against driving as it could cost you quite a bit. There's an underground carpark in the centre of town, but I can't remember the charges. Check with your hotel if they have free parking.

If you by yourself then either get the bus or blag a lift at the airport.
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Alternatively try this ... http://www.mountaintransfers.com ... they are based in Val D'Isere. Run by an English couple.
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You beat me to it, I was about to post that too!
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WTFH ... na na na na na [img]tongue.gif[/img]

If you hire a car to drive up to Val D'Isere then you'll need to remember to pay for snow-chains and possibly parking in resort. The undercover parking is not cheap (last I remember about £70 for 1 week). There is some parking in open car parks and in the odd street, but as the signs say it's at your own risk from weather & late night revelers ... it is not unheard of for snow clearing equipment to accidentally remodel the odd car if it's buried.

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Hi, go to www.gva.ch, the Geneva airport website, it lists all the public transport options with links through to their sites. You can try www.alpski-bus.com you'll find all the info there and you can reserve directly. Much better than hiring a car, the buses are almost as quick and you've no worries about parking, snow-chains etc. Geneva is about 180 kms from Val'dIsere and the journey should normally take about 3 hours but in high season it can be double that. The N90 the main route to all the major French ski-stations gets very congested, especially on Saturdays, usually the main transfer day. If you can go Sun - Sun, you'll benefit from less time spent on the road. Let me know when you're arriving, our mini-bus takes our guests to and from Geneva every Sunday during the season. We have a chalet in a village about 30 mins from Val and we could drop you off in Bourg St Maurice from where you catch a local shuttle bus.
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You have a couple of options - If you get a car book well in advance with www.easycar.com as low as 8 pounds a day circa 15 Euros for a snazzy mercedes a Class which comes with snow chains.

Alternatly go to http://www.altibus.com/US/ they run a bus service from Geneva to Val.

You could also consider flying to Lyon and getting a car from there - most flexibility for me is a car which is what I always do but the bus is very flexible and cheap.

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Try (1) www.alpinecabco.com Tel:0033 450 731 938

or (2) Alpine Transfer Service I think at www.ats.com

They are usually both very competitive and you can get quotes on line from them and book to.

All the best.
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