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keystone snow

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im heading up there the 15h through the 20th and im wondering about the conditions...ive not been seeing much snow on there website only like 2 inches in the past 7 days.... any info will be appreciatted thanks
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Hi Shawn--Unfortunately, the news is not great as far as snow at Keystone. They have had a rough season. Early on, they ran into problems with snowmaking, because the Snake River, from which they draw snowmaking water, was below it's specified limit. That, combined with warmer weather that affected most of the other Colorado resorts, got Keystone off to a bad start.

Then the few storms that we've had in Summit County and Colorado seem to have consistently missed Keystone.

Of course, this could all change quickly. It IS March, our snowiest month of the year. There's snow in the forecast for tonight. And Keystone is, to say the least, due!

Either way, if the snow at Keystone doesn't suit you, nearby Breckenridge and Copper Mountain have been getting pretty good snow lately. Beaver Creek reported over a foot night-before-last. Vail has been good. You won't have to go far to get into some good skiing. And Keystone just might pull through....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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thanks ..... has anyone skiied keystone lately ???? im wondering if there is any rocks showing or anything??? our condo is pretty close to the gondala and im really wanting to ski keystone instead of driving to brek or abasin and so on...
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Shawn--you might try a PM to "Ant," who is an instructor at Keystone. Click HERE to send her a PM.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Mid mountain snow reports for the Summit County resorts and nearby areas as of Sunday morning.

A-Basin- 46"

Breckenridge 55"

Copper 55"

Keystone 36"

Loveland 51"

Vail 48"

Beaver Creek 50"

Steamboat 62"

Also, the gondola at Keystone is down for repairs until approximately late march acccording to a report in the Summit Daily News.
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I am in the same boat as Shawn -- going to be at Keystone from March 17-24. Will have the kids so schlepping around summit county, while possible, would be nice to avoid.

I have seen the official snow reports from the various resorts. I always find it hard to translate into actual skiing experience. You only ski on the surface, right? So a 50 inch mid-mountain base is not necessarily proportionally better that another resort with a 40 inch base, is it? It would be nice to hear first-hand condition reports from folks that have been to the various Summit Co resorts. It's too bad it is nearly impossible to get that information from the resorts themselves.

Thanks in advance for any additional input.
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Keystone is kind of slim for snow.
The groomers are OK. If you are an intermediate you will be fine.
The Outback is rocky & stumpy but not bad unless you love your skis. Rent from a Vail owned shop & just trash them. Makes you feel all warm & fuzzy.
Breck. & Copper are in fine shape[worth the drive]
I heard Vail got rain & screwed up a lot of runs, but haven't been there lately.
The Vail owned resorts will never tell you anything bad.
Have fun & see you in Breck.
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is this just a horrible year or is this common? I was looking into taking our big ski group to Keystone next January. Thoughts?
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Dchan stay away from Keystone. The only good thing about Keystone is they open early in Oct. when most other resorts are closed. Hit Copper if you are traveling to Summit County.
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Please elaborate..
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dchan: this is an unusually low snow year, especially for Keystone and Arapahoe Basin. On balance, Colorado is about 70-80% of average. Seems like K-stone and A-Basin are in some sort of snow shadow this year, and are even less than 70-80% of average. Better bets are Copper, Vail, Aspen and Steamboat all of which, based on recent personal experience, are pretty good right now. From a snow standpoint, I suspect Keystone is likely to be back to its usual self next January. The other poster might, however, have been commenting on the terrain, which cannot be fixed by scheduling a trip at a particular time. If you like unchallenging terrain, Keystone might be a good bet (thus, its a popular destination with Midwesterners), but what expert stuff they have is not up to snuff: bad exposures, don't hold the snow, relatively inaccessible,overall disappointing.
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Dchan, Keystone even on a average years gets much less snow then the other resorts in Summit County, the snow there usually tends to be icy and the expert terrain rocky. I think part of the reason Keystone gets so icy is that there is a much higher percentage of beginners and low intermidiates that side slip ever thing and scrap of any soft snow there is on the mountain. The front side of Keystone is very easy and the Outback and North Peak do have some OK terrain I personally can not stand to ski there once the other mountains start to open in the area. I wouls take DOC's advice and ski Copper, Steamboat or Vail. Steamboat usually has some of the best snow in Colorado around January snd tends to be less expensive then Summit County or Vail for lodging.
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Thanks for the hints all.

Our group is primarly intermediate with a few advanced/experts. We've been to Vail and Steamboat and like to try different places. I'll have our agent look into and price Copper for us. Does any one know if there are ski in/ski out condos there?
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dchan: there are some ski-in/ski-out condos, as well as a fair number within very short walk from base lifts (esp. Super Bee). There's quite a bit of new construction going on, so there may be more by next winter. Check out for base area maps and other information.
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From what I know about you, you'd have much more fun at Copper.

Copper has the very best layout of any place I've skied (which isn't very many).

Not much on the way of steeps, well, not compared to Highlands anyway, but lots of great terrain, really great bump runs, and fantastic views.

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Hi Dchan: Thought I would toss my two cents worth in. If you want lots of snow, good for intermediates & some experts, easy access to an airport, ski-in/out, and no crowds; consider Big Mountain, Montana. The town of Whitefish has plenty of bars minutes from the mountain. The Kalispell airport is only 30 min. away. With a group in January, you can save $$ and have a great "private mountain". For an even more "private mountain" take the group for a day to Montana Snobowl.

Let's face it, there are very few "bargain" ski-in/out condos at Vail, Steamboat or Copper. Yes the verticals are bigger and may have more variety, but at what point are the shuttles, buses, and high prices worth it?
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