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mt hood meadows vs. timberline

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Ski Stevens' Pass during winter, with trips to Blackcomb whenever possible. Anyone ever ski Mt Hood Meadows or Timberline? thinking about heading down there April 28/29, but don't know much about either( except race camps at Timberline) Any good suggestions on specific hotels that are relatively cheap( me and my 9 yr old son)?
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Timberline has two things going for it, a great lodge and summer skiing. Besides that, Mt. Hood Meadows beats it in every way as far as I'm concerned. If Meadows has sufficient snow ski there.
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Try Meadows web site skihood.com for more info. If you stay at many of the motel in Hood River you get a lift ticket a Meadows for $20.

The snow is excellent now. I've used my fats more in April this season than any other month! There should be plenty of snow when you visit.
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Sorry to say , Hood Meadows closed for the season two weeks ago. I have a friend who works the Courtsey Patrol, and he says that there hadn't been enough buisness to stay open. Blame it on the low snowpack they had most of the season.
Timberline, where i aslo have another friend employed, says they have 123 base. And the skiing is pretty good.
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Thanks for the feedback fellas. i think we'll
go to Timberline. i found a cool Hostel like restored schoolhouse place that has private rooms w/ 2 beds for $35/nite we might try. it's still almost an hrs drive to mtn, but meets our budget.

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Hey Paulie,
Four inchs overnight Thursday at Timberline and Friday was wonderful on the Mile. One thing you should consider is the great deal by staying in the Timberline lodge. They have a hostel kind of thing with bunks and seperate shower that is really cheap (I don't recall exact numbers but we took the whole family for very little) and they have discounted lift tickets! No driving up and down the mountain or parking problems. Good hot tub after ski and a omlette big enough for two at the day lodge below the old lodge. Avoid the main lodge dining room; average fare X4 the price. Take along a pack luch and dinner to make the stay very cheap and lots of fun.
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Then where have I been working for the last two weeks?

Just to clarify. The Hood River Meadows LIFT at Mt. Hood Meadows has been closed for about a month (no big loss). This is normal for late season. BTW: while it has been closed they have been filming for the new movie "Hunted" with a pack of trained wolves.

The SKI AREA Mt. Hood Meadows will be open till the 29th of April with plenty of snow, but it's going quick. The Vegatate ski/snowboard event starts tomorrow and lasts through the weekend. The skiers involved are going huge and making the snowboarders look lame in comparison! Worth a look for sure.
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Thanks for the tip on Chalet rooms at the lodge, we're booked for a double room for
May 5. Later
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Hey Paulie,
How about some vacation stories? Good time? soft snow? sunburn?
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