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Where to stay at Squaw?

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Planning on a trip with the boys to Squaw for a long weekend? Any recommendations of where to stay? Something close to, or on the mountain (ski in/out) would be ideal, and we are not looking for anything fancy since we are leaving the significant others home and just want to ski.. and would like to save money for the other ski vacation with the wives later on (the fancy vacation with the wives will be a separate vacation).
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We stayed in town at Tahoe City for last years Bear Gathering @ the Peppertree Inn. The place was clean, nice and near most of the good place to eat and drink off mountain. Squaw was a 10 min ride with traffic. The main reason to stay there is that it is relatively cheap.

Check this out: http://tahoeguide.com/tahoe/SITE/ind...ng/64/0/direct


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JohnH went to squaw last year and said he got a pretty good deal at an on slope condo. Hopefully he'll get back to you on that.
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Anything in Tahoe City is not worth it. Stay in one of the 'on mountain' resorts or rentals. The city snow movers (read that as heavy equipment shovels and plows with back-up beeper alarms and all) work all night long in Tahoe City and sleep was next to impossible. Also traffic in and out was not pleasant. Afternoon traffic was not acceptable so the decent alternative is not to drive. Stay on the mountain, play till the lifts close and then enjoy apres activity.
my two cents
do not park on the street in TC! The fines are stunning.
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If you can stay at Squaw bring a swimsuit. They have a heated pool and hottubs at the upper base camp!
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You know what you are absolutely right! On second thought stay on mountain unless you want to awake at 4:45 am every morning it snows.

One thing about the Tahoe City snow removal it is punctual. But think of it this way you will be first in line on powder days.

I could not sleep that first night anyway. Three feet of fresh on the mountain it was awesome.

Ryle how could I forget. It was like that back loader was parked outside my window.



Hey but is was cheap!
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I think we'll probably find a place right in Squaw. Any suggestions for specific places? It's a mixed group (guys and gals) of folks in the late 20's or early 30's. Mostly married guys getting together to ski hard and also hit a few bars.

I am definitely planning on going to Alpine for a day. Are there buses that run there from Squaw or will I definitely need a car?

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I believe Phase 1 of a Whistler type village is slated for December completion. If this is so then there could be decent slopeside accomidation available. Prices, of course, will be astronmical but for persistant shopper a deal is bound to be found
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I just got an email from JohnH
He stayed at Squaw Valley Lodge. He didn't have any more info since someone else at the resort booked. I do know that they got special pricing on lift tickets since they were staying there.
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Thanks dchan. I'll look into it.

Where you serious about the swimsuits? Where are the hot tubs and how do you get there? (and when are they 'open').

Sounds great.

I think I'll do Squaw for 2 or 3 days and Alpine for 1. Have to see if they have a shuttle or bus for day trips to Alpine.
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Its located at High Camp, el. 8200' http://summer.squaw.com/html/pool_spa.html

check out the link, has live linkage to the pool area that is also open during winter.

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