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instructing at Perisher, Australia

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I recently applied to work at Perisher Blue for this summer (their winter). They are interested in hiring me, and I am considering it. Has anyone been to Perisher or worked there? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
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There are about tons of Perisher instructors at Mammoth. Don't go for the skiing, as it is never very good by Western US standards. Expect lots of rocks and manmade snow. Plan on working lots, as they get really busy. The season is short (about 3 months), but intense. What area are you trying to work at?
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I think that's where Kent Carpenter and Haydn work. They were both trainers/examiners at Telluride the year I was there. That's about all I know/remember..
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I'm not sure yet which area I will be at out of the 3 mountains... is one better than the others?

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Okay Perisher Blue Australia = 4 hills consisting of Perisher Valley, Blue Cow, Smiggins Holes & Guthega. It is really just one big, short & grassy ski area.

Best choice is Blue Cow as it is higher and a quick drop into Guthega which gets the best snow and least people. Stay away from Smiggins Holes. A very good beginners area but never enough snow.

PB would be about as big as the Mid Vail\Lionshead\Game Creek Bowl area of Vail with about a third the elevation and 1\10 th the snow. The snow gets about as good as Colorado 3 days a winter, pretty average the next. That said if it snows all winter it is EPIC. The back country is also excellent. Avalanche safe but not weather safe (blizzard & white out)and accessible. (be aware as people do die out there).

There is usually plenty of work if the snow is good and not a lot if it is bad. A work day is 3 x 2hr classes and possibly 2 x 1 hour privates, workshops etc. Kids do all day lessons as well. You can "process" up to 50 people in a day. Rains a lot. Freezes a lot. Blows a lot, Gets real warm and sunny as well. Brilliant scenery, different but that what makes it so beautiful.

Best advice is to go relatively financial, be really nice, make everyone your friend, be enthusiastic, go skiing lots, apres just enough, stay away from politics and learn to talk about the weather and ski on hardpack and rocks.

You can stay on mountain in company accomodation. My advice is stay in Jindabyne the local town (30kms away). Not at the Station Resort which is actually out of town with the sheep (some boy ones). If no car you will have to hitchhike(reliable lifts), bus\train or carpool with someone to work.

Jindy has the nightlife, is by a huge lake, out of snow and a fun ski town. It is also very nice on a day off hanging at the shops by the lake in the sunshine with a toasty sanga from Bananas toasty sanga shop.

Your skiing will improve due to the ski conditions, the excellent SS training and the interaction with new teaching ideas\methods.

After the season you will probably end up in a surf shack somewhere up the coast, frolicking with a warm & happy neanderthal Oz man.

If you go downunder looking for a different ski experience and meet new friends you will have a blast. If you go downunder to make money and ski pow you will die a fast and painful death.

Any Questions?

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

Oh ya we like Canadian women lots and we have good beer!
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DO NOT go driving at night time as there are kangaroos & wombats everywhere and they hurt.

DO NOT drink drive you WILL get busted.

Go to the "Snowy River Bears" or the "Bush Pigs" footy games every second Sunday and try and get to know some real Jindy locals.

Always carry a drinking glove.

Men at the bar that say they are instructors may be lying.
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Oz: thanks for all the great advice / info. I think I will hold off until I'm finished school, then head out there for a while and tour around, etc. Sounds like a great place and I love those Aussie accents!
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have you thought about New Zealand. I have not skiied in oz, but judging by the number of Aussies who come skiing here it must be better (it is also cheaper for them).
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I agree that New Zealand would likely be a better summer skiing destination than Oz. I'm not sure that you'll have much luck finding work there. The big demand seemed to be for Japanese-speaking instructors.

Another place to think about is Chile. The resorts cater to North Americans and english-speaking instructors are always in demand. The down side is that the ski areas are off in the middle of nowhere and it's a 2-hour van ride to Santiago. You'd be staying in dorms at the resort and that might get a little old after a while. I'm not sure you'd want to be in Argentina this year.
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