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Utah in April?

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I'm planning to attend the PSIA Academy at Snowbird which starts on April 19th. I want to come to Utah around the 9th though, and get some skiing in! (It's a loooong way to come).
Does anyone have a take on whether Solitude/Brighton and Alta will be open then? Have any of them annouced a closing date or do they tend to leave that until later in the season?
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Alta usually closes right around then. Their season is regulated by the Forest Service, so they probably already have the dates posted on their website. Most other resorts are open, but usually close right around then. Check the individual resorts. April is a great time to ski in UT. We usually get a lot of snow in April and the resorts are dead because people lose interest.
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Yep! I'm hoping maybe there's some deals to be had in April, as paying in Oz currency, you're basically paying double for everything.

Well, SB will have to be open for 5 days as of the 19th, for the PSIA Academy, and I'm told that the national ski patrollers are there the previous week for their get-together.

I had a poke around Alta and SB's websites and couldn't find a definitive closing date. I guess I should go check the BCC resorts' sites too.
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As you well know, closing dates are always weather dependant, but I can tell you from the PC side of things that DV is closing on April 6 and PC on the 13th. Alta typically closes around the same time as PC, I think they even extended for an extra week last year. Snowbird on the other hand usually stays open through Memorial Day weekend and sometime weekends through July 4th!
I'm sure you'll get some great skiing in, although we could use a bit more snowpack to make sure.
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I skied Snowbasin last April 22th. About the same time, I got a discount off Brighton's "Spring rate" with my Snowbasin seasons pass. So if you have a pass, it might be worth bringing it
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Originally posted by UtahJim:
So if you have a pass, it might be worth bringing it
All the way from Australia?

I'll be keeping an eye out for lift ticket deals. I remember Whistler offered great stay and ski deals in April some years back if you were on their mailing list. I've found some very suitable accommodation in Midvale, and I know you can pick up discount lift tickets at places like The Lift House at the canyon mouth, but I reckon there's always a better deal to be had if you can find it.

However, since I hear Utah is having an ordinary year, i'll wait to see what they decide before booking anything. If they close the lifts on the 13th, and the PSIA thing starts on the 19th, that's a very long and annoying and pointlessly expensive week in SLC (paying double for everything). If they do announce an early close, I'll probably go to Whistler instead and come to Utah for the Academy only.
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