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Any Whistler 'First Hand' snow reports?

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Heading up in a few weeks and wondered how the mountain is doing so far. Anyone been there lately? I know I have lots of time, but I'm getting real antsy...

Same time, anyone tried the Extremely Canadian 2 day clinic at whistler?

Powder to the People...
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AC is up there now. I'm sure he will report in sometime soon
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I'm heading up there Saturday for a week. Gonna check out the Freestyle World Champs, as well.

I'll give a full report when I'm back...
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Thanks for the input. I got the same email, but then I look at some sites and they don't list any new snow at all. I know a lot can happen in 3 weeks, but a man can dream. Thanks again.

Powder to the People...
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Whistler is about the only place in BC, Alberta, or Washington right now that's worth skiing. The problem is temperatures have been high, and everything under about 1600m has been getting intermittent rain. Below the Rendezvous and the Round House, they are mostly surviving on snow gun snow from previous weeks.

In the alpine, its a different story. Still a little shy of the 200+cm needed for the more extreme terrain, so check out your run very carefully before committing. One problem is very long lift lines and congested slopes, as everyone in western Canada abandons the marginal conditions on their local hills for Whistler. Of course, the 64,000 people there last weekend were all using the 7 or 8 lifts with the best conditions, when they would normally be spread out over 30 lifts. Because of the hardened base layer, if we get a big dump, avalanche hazard will be very high.

The good news is we're finally starting to establish a more seasonal weather pattern, temps are dropping, and things should be in good shape by the time you get there. I'll be up for a week starting Feb 4. Say hi if you see me in my red Helly one-piece on early model X-Screams.
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In the middle of a weeklong trip at Whistler right now. Snow is terrible, but there's some good spots high on both mountains.

Down the mountain, it's ice, ice, ice!!

Supposed to get some flurries tomorrow (maybe!).
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damn, guess I better skip the XXX's and grab a pair of T-powers for my trip in Feb.

"Wha the ruck is uh chinese Downhill?!" -Hotdog the Movie
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Whistler finally got some snow on Thursday and Friday of last week. Had 6-8" of pow on Friday, and it continued to snow all weekend.

Coverage is probably still pretty sketchy, unless a BIG dump hit them. Stay high on the mountain, and it'll be allright.
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Just got back from 8 days at Whistler. New snow Friday/Saturday helped. Upper mountain pretty good now. 7th Heaven on Blackcomb was consistently good, if not deep. Even in not-great conditions, still better than 90% of other ski areas. You'll have fun!
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Going up to W/B on thursday I know it snow'd 9 inches on sunday night but if yall could send me reports on how it is I would be sooo appreciative. I think it will be quite stellar. This will be my first time this year to W/B and I am very, very excited if you know what I mean Also if I could get a little local info... muy appreciado(im pathetic). I like STEEP and preferably deep, big faces and little cliffs.
Cherry I know you will be up there this weekend as well, have fun!
One last note - if any one wants to dirt bag at the condo I'm all for it, give me a holler.
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Leaving Friday morning NW, 16 hours on a plane, one night in Vancouver, and I'm there!!

2 more sleeps.
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Getting there Sat myself. My Atomic 9.22 just rolled in so I'm hyped. Now hopefully the XXX's will make it and I'll be able to walk on air to get there.....Save some of the good patches for me
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Woohoo!! Thanks for that info. Talked to a guy up there last night and told me about the storm moving in. Now I'm really PO'd my XXX's never showed up. Guess the 9.22's are going to get a workout. Thanks again I'll be there on Sat, save some snow for me...
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