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Skiing Around Zurich

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Flying to Zurich in January and I want to look around and find out where I'm
going to ski..

I'm an intermediate skier but my girlfriend is more beginner/intermediate so
we would need somewhere that has some easy slopes (she just needs to build
her confidence for the harder runs).. we also like skiing amongst the trees,
rather than in the open where it might be prone to huge winds and bad
visibility.. we're looking for a nice village too..

We've just been to Whistler and loved that.. so anything similar would be

I have looked at Lech and St Anton so far.. Lech looks good but seems
expensive and St Anton is a bit cheaper but they say that its some pretty
difficult terrain.. they say that you can ski both on the same ticket.. so
would it be easy to stay at St Anton but ski Lech?

How would these places compare to the terrain at Whistler.. I was doing all
the runs there other than double blacks and my girlfriend was doing greens
and blues.. compared to Australian and NZ resorts I found Whistler to be a
lot more difficult/steep.. so how does Europe compare to this?

Any help you can offer would be appreciated!

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I haven't been to Whistler so I'm not going to be much help comparing.

Both St Anton & Lech - Lech in particular - are famous for being expensive.

Zurich is also convenient for various Swiss resorts - Davos, Flims, St Moritz & the Jungfrau towns (Murren, Grindelwald, Wengen)
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I can strongly recommend these two Swiss resorts, which are both easily accessible from Zurich:
Flims/Laax. Big interconnected lift network, up to glacier altitude, offering lots of vertical and interesting runs. Plenty of easy terrain.
Engelberg. Lovely train ride up to the resort from Lake Luzern. Charming old resort. Less runs than Flims but plenty of interest and off-piste. Also has glacier skiing. Maybe check the lift map for easy terrain - I can't recall the availability.
St Anton is a favourite of mine, but not ideal for easy slopes, though the Rendl area of the resort is excellent for intermediates. Lech is fine, but as you say has a reputation for being pricey. You should get good deals in Jan though - resorts tend to be empty a few days after new year.

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I agree with both of the above. None of those resorts are like Whistler most have more charm, but more antiquated lifts. For your & your girlfriends level I'd advise Wengen, but all the above resorts are good in different ways.
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