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Powder Mountain,Utah. I Have Lodging Available!!

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posted November 17, 2002 10:35 AM
Hey Bears, Have I got a deal for some lucky individual. I currently have reserved a 1 bdrm. suite at the Powder Ridge Condos ON TOP of Powder Mountain for one week (1/31 to 2/7/03). I'm coming out there to do some skiing/boarding with my very cool 7 year old son. The condo sleeps 4, has a full kitchen and a fireplace. My son and I can share the bedroom which would leave the sleep sofa available in the main room. I would be willing to share these accomodations in return for the following. 1)Split the cost of renting a 4wd vehicle for the week...or 2)Pick us up at SLC airport in your own vehicle and I'll cover the gas. 3)$300.00 towards the condo. This place usually runs for around $180.00 per night! 4)Share in the groceries. I'm a good cook, by the way. 5) : DELETED. I'd like anyone who might be interested, to think of this as sharing an awesome time with a fellow ski-nut. Do some runs, share some stories, drink a few beers, basically be a ski bud! It's what we do naturally as skiers anyway. If this sounds like a mutually beneficial arrangement, email me back right away! This might be just the thing for a splinter trip after the Snowbird gathering. Sincerely, Sundog. sundog2000@earthlink.net

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I hate to be negative, but I was trying to figure out why the person would be lucky. It sounds like he pays 1/3 the lodging, food, 100% of transportation, and babysitting services. What a deal.
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Hi Steve. I guess I'm offering something that I personally would jump at if the opportunity arrived. I'm not sure if your aware of the particulars of the Powder Ridge Condos or Powder Mountain for that matter. Ever skied there? This area doesn't get a lot of press due to the mega-resorts 45 minutes to the south like Park City, Deer Valley, Alta & Snowbird. With 500" of snow on 5500 acres and 2800' of lift serviced runs, the place is a virtual hidden gem. Add to that the back country opportunities and the optional snowcat skiing and you've got some of Utahs best at your disposal. Click on the link for a trail map. Powder Mountain Area Map No glitz means no lines! Powder Ridge Condos boast the only lodging in all of Utah that are located at the very top of the mountain. You ski DOWN to the lifts! Which means guaranteed first tracks every single day that your there on Utahs finest powder terrain. $300 towards the condo for the week comes out to just under $43 a day for that privilage. As far as food is concerned, "chipping in" is what would be expected of anyone sharing meals. I've never been on a ski trip and not bought food. Although I will admit (many years ago) temporarily subsisting on 2 for 1 drafts and "Happy Hour" chicken wings and an occassional wine and cheese reception. Transportation...When I go somewhere, I either drive my own vehicle or rent a car if I fly in. I believe that anyone else will do the same. I'm suggesting that it shouldn't be a big deal to accomodate me if they're going up there anyway. Granted,It may be too much to ask of someone to hang out with my son for an hour, which is why I stated that it was negotiable. In actuality, I wouldn't impose upon anyone to do that who wasn't a) willing b) qualified or c) enjoyed children. I would never force my boy to share the company of someone that I or he didn't feel comfortable with. Some kids can be quite fun, believe it or not (mine included). This offer would be optimum for a solo guy or gal who's already out there enjoying what the Wasatch Range has to offer and wants to extend thier ski trip an extra week for relatively short money. Oh, and by the way... I'll be packing both my Burton boards as well as my skis, so if you'd like to do some snowboarding I can provide one for your use. Oh man! This is gonna be great! The morning sun always hits the top of the mountains first. I'll be there... clicking in! SWOOOSH!

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I gotta throw my .02 in on this one. I am the master of good deals (according to my spouse and friends). I find the best of the best, put it all together, and organize the trip so that all one of my "friends" has to do is show up, and hand me the $$$ and we're off to the races.
Know what? I still can't get people to get off their asses and do stuff!
Know why? Cause most people are wack.
My point, there are plenty of good deals out there for those who wish to take advantage of them. None of these include babysitting as a requirement. This is no kind of deal.
Good luck!
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Alright already! Aparently I misjudged potential willingness of other skiers to want to sacrifice a part of thier day to childcare, no matter how brief. To tell the truth, I probably wouldn't want to do it either. The days are to short as it is. I've checked with the learning center at Powder Mountain and they have some excellent childrens programs that will adequatly provide for my son. So, I'm covered as far as that part of the equation is concerned. In addition, If a potential ski-bud is faced with having to rent a vehicle for the week, I'll split the costs associated with the rental. Or...I'll rent the vehicle and you can just reimburse me for half, which will probably work out better. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] I've edited the initial post to reflect this change.
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