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Lake Louise, Canada

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I am thinking about going to Lake Louise in March 2003. If anyone has an experience:Good or Bad: from Lake Louise I would like to know about it.
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we did a trip in 2000 around quite a few of the BC and Alberta resorts. Lake Louise was the busiest of all the resorts, and along with Sunshine was the coldest (-24 degrees celcius). When I say busy, we never had to queue, we just saw other people when we were on the trails, and the base area was very busy, but that is easy to avoid. Because of the higher numbers the snow was more packed than other resorts, but then that can just depend what day you go. If you can stay away from the base area . The scenery is awesome, the terrain is huge, and the base lodge is pretty spectacular as far as log cabins go. Their prices are higher than other resorts but you get a lot of facilities for your money, it has to be paid for somehow, and if you are spending US dollars you probably think it is cheap.

Banff is a 40 minute drive away, and has more faicltiies than Lake Louise. if you don't want to venture out much at night, you could stay at Lake Louise and save time travelling each day.

Definitely worth a visit.
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In 2001 my wife and I visited Lake Louise for a week and then went on to Jasper. This was our first ski trip to Canada.Both resorts were great apart from the lack of natural snow. We stayed in the Chateau atL/Louise it was great. The scenery is out of this world and the walking was good too. Must agree with the comment about nothing to do and very quiet, going out for a wander for food and drink at night was a no go. If we were to return to the area again I think we would head for Banff, the only downside are the bus journeys to the ski hill. Visited Whistler this year and have booked to go back 2003 already say no more?

Jealous from northern England where the fields are green and the sheep are nervous.So am I Im going for an Arthroscopy tommorrow?
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I was out in western canada in Febuiary. First we went to fernie then to Sunshine village and lake louise. The scenery around Lake Louise is absulutly amazing. One of the most beautiful places in the world i tihnk. ANd Banff is a great town. But as for the actual skiing the resorts arounbd Banff jsut don't stack up. The terrain at fernie and the snow was 5 times better. But if your an intermediate skier whpo wants great views and a fun town, id highly reccomend it. But if ur looking for great Pow, and awsome steeps id reccomend heading soimewhere else!
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