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Utah in Feb.

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Hoping to get some advice. I'm coming out to Utah the first week in Feb. Planning on skiing Alta, Snowbird, Solitude and Snowbasin. What I wondering is since we'll be staying in Salt Lake, free lodging, is it worth the extra $$ to rent a four wheel drive vehicle. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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I would get one if you have four people or more. You don't really need one to get up the canyons, but if the roads are snowpacked, snowtires or chains are required. Check to see if the rental car place has chains available.
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My dad and I just got back from a Utah trip. We went to Alta since it had the most snow. My skiis got cut up though.
Anyway, we rented a Trailblazer from Enterprise for about $55/day. That's about what we have rented cars for in other places. If they are priced like that when you go, I say go for it, if just for the extra room to put your stuff.

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