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New ski help! K2 Merlin vi or BR 10.20?

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Hello all!
I am new here and have been reading up on old posts to get a feel for how I should go about choosing some new skis. My latest pair got stolen, a recent xmas present that I was just getting used to sking on! oh well, lesson learned on keeping an eye on my new skis!
About myslef and my old gear. I am 6 ft 3 inches tall, and weigh between 230-250 (depending on the time of year!). I am in decent shape and consider myself a solid intermediate skier. I have recently gotten back into sking and ski about 10-20 days a year. I like to ski the blue groomed and the steep blacks when they are groomed. I love to cruise! I do not ski the bumps, and have no desire to. I like to fly around the mountain!
Now about my gear. My old old gear was a pair of greatful dead k2 TNC 204's, which I now have in a place of honor. The xmas skis that just got stolen, which I skied about 6 days, were a pair or Rossignol 9X Course dualtec skis in 198's with atomic xentrix 412 bindings. I was just getting to like them.
Now for my question. I want some new skis, but what to get? I was looking in to some good deals on ebay for some k2 VI merlins, which seem like they would fit my style. But also some 2001 atomic betaride 10.20's (the ones with titanium), which seem to have a deeper sidecut. I have never skled skis with real deep sidecuts that seem all the rage these days. I have a good pair of my own boots, and I know that I like the atomic xentrix bindings. Any suggestions? Is the length okay? any other skis I should consider?
Thank in advance all!
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I'll mention this since you weight is close to a friends. His Merlins decambered at about the one year mark. He skis a fast and hard GS style but we don't have any cliffs to huck in the Poconos so he couldn't blame it on that.
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I have seen numerous posts on the quality of k2's regarding the delaminating problem. That was one of my concerns.
I like to do large to medium turns, and am now working on my shorter faster turns. I can put quite a lot of weight on my edges on the long wide turns at high speed.

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Well the Beta Rides are wider in the waste as i beleive the Merlins which were replaced by the Patriot ski's were more of a GS type ski. For what your describing you like to do, the Beta Rides would work well. Those 10.20's from last year which have been redesigned for this year are a pretty stiff ski but at your weight they will work well. They require Atomic bindings like you had before on your old ski's.

I dont think K2 has a problem anymore with there newer ski's delaminating but those Merlins were made at least 2 seasons ago as they were replaced by the Patriots last year.
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