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B.C. Hut trip Feb. vs. April

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Going to the Canadian Rockies, Wildcat Creek Basing for hut sking next year. Have a choice of mid-feb. or mid-april. Is Feb. condition that much better than April's? April of course being the low rate season.
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Hard to say... I don't know about the area you are going to, but
I spent this season in Fernie, with many days in the backcountry close to the resort. And three GREAT days in the Thunder Meadows cabin... (also Lizard Range/Fernie)
It depends on what you mean with "much better".
In Feb. you'll be limited by avalanche danger and, if this season in Fernie is typical, not so good weather. In April chances for powder are smaller, but the snow is probably more stable. You will probably have better chances to see the sun as well.
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