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New England this week

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I give up, need my skiing fix... wheres the best skiing in New England right now? I'm in Connecticut but I don't really care how far I have to drive at this point. Thanks!
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I'm just outside of Hartford at the rent's house for a few days. Just decided to cancel our trip up to Stratton tomorrow. Forecast calls for high 30's and a 100% chance of rain. Guess day#1 will have to wait for another day...or month. Pisser.

Killington has the most open right now.
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Just talked to my brother at his ski house in Peru, VT. He says the conditions at Bromley are excellent ... on the one trail they have open! But they're making snow like crazy and plan to have 5 more open by XMAS, so we'll give it a try on Wednesday anyway.
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Loon was sweet this weekend.. don't know why everyone sounds so pessimistic. My buddy and I got about four runs down Big Dipper and Angel Street with almost a foot of untracked on it before it was skied off. Happened to be lucky enough to on the lift when the rope got dropped. Even with rain/sleet/snow today the conditions should be improving all week. They've done a great job making snow and getting terrain open.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Llama:
Loon was sweet this weekend.. don't know why everyone sounds so pessimistic...<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Many ski hills are still closed as of Dec 24 and those that are open operate with a fraction of their runs available. It has been warm enough that even artificial snow cannot be made. Resorts will be seriously crowded during Christmas-New Year period. Which part makes you optimistic?
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I'll be talking to my brother tonight re conditions @ Bromley and let you guys know before we go up there tomorrow afternoon.
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I can't believe we're having this discussion. One word- SUnday RIver- wait that was two words. Any hoo, skied the river today, Monday. It rained off and on, so there was NO ONE there. Perect conditions. Fast courdoroy everywhewre. No slow. They have like 8 lifts and 64 trails or somthin like that. It's defiantly worth the trip. www.sundayriver.com, go to the live conditions map. Adios, Jake.
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Tom... the past two weekends have been great, and things are getting better. Sure it will be crowded over the holidays, but when isn't it? If the resorts continue to do a good job snowmaking many of them can have the majority of their terrain open. Since I've only been to Loon in the past week I can only speak from my experiences there, but they were one good storm or some solid snowmaking away from opening just about everything.
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Okemo is in pretty good shape with about 60 trails open. More for the weekend! Terry
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Okemo was great last Thursday, it got a little skied off late in the day, but no bare spots. But I'm not sure how things went for them Monday. Went to Killington on Sunday and while they're claims sounded a lot better than Okemo was the conditions weren't so hot, lots of rocks. This was probably largely due to the fact that they had tons of beginners sliding/tumbling down expert terrain due to the holiday weekend. Also not sure how they fared on Monday, but temps are back down so hopefully things will be in great shape soon.
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I just got off Killington this morning (Thursday). They've done spot resurfacing and pushed snow around to cover the worst of the thin areas. They're blowing snow on Wildfire and Superstar. They're resurfacing Cascade. They have fresh snow on Upper Bittersweet and Skyeburst. They expect to have Outer Limits and Double Dipper open sometime over New Years long weekend.

Overall, the conditions at Killington are typical for December 15. Too bad it's December 27th. I'd guess Sunday River would be the best pick.

I was up at Sugarbush on December 24th getting my season pass photo taken. They don't have much open yet. I heard they have water supply issues from the drought. I drove over to Mad River Glen. They're spinning the single chair and it looked like they have superb skiing if you're using your brother's worst rock skis.
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Skied Bromley yesterday (12/26). It was OK. They really only had 2 trails open, but both were top to bottom. Not many people there.
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