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Vacation Suggestions - Philippines Region

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Probably won't find any fresh pow, but..

I am looking for some suggestions for a vacation in southeast Asia or the South Pacific in August or September. Looking to do a little snorkeling, perhaps some adventure travel. We’re pretty young and comfortable doing hostels or cheaper hotels.

I will be working in the Philippines for about 2 months and would like to rendezvous with a friend in that general region when I leave in September.

Any suggestions? Initially, I was thinking Thailand, Fiji, or the Philippines.

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Tanglefoot -

Enjoy your "expat" assignment!

I love Southeast Asia, and have done quite a bit of travel in the region! Generally speaking, south of the equator is better weather wise & for water activities that time of year.

September in Indonesia can be very nice (weather and tourist wise). There is outstanding diving (and snorkling) off of many of the more southern islands (Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo & Rinca). I have always found the people VERY warm and friendly! Indonesia is one of my absolute favorite places to visit in part because of the friendliness of the people.

Thailand...September can be a tough time of year for water activities, as it is the Southwest monsoon season and the downpours are intense AND common that time of year. Phuket might be okay at (kind of iffy though). If you do make it down there I would highly recommend making at least one day available to "Sea Canoe" in Phang Na Bay. We used this outfit when we went, and they were great!

http://www.seacavecanoe.com/canoe_trips.html (professional, and safe)!

The Philippines can be tough weather wise that time of year as well (typhoons and southwest monsoon season). The last time I was there I was on an island about 400 miles southwest of Manila...the weather season was transitioning from dry to monsoon. We ended up leaving hours before a typhoon hit.

We will be heading back to Indonesia in September, and plan on doing lots of diving! Although, I am trying to convince anyone who will listen, that we SHOULD be going to Portillo in August to SKI!

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I've traveled the Philippines quite a bit. No need to go anywhere else to find great resorts / diving etc. Do some web searches or contact some travel agencies. My favorite island destination: http://www.boracayisland.org/ Very beautiful, great golf, diving etc. There are plenty of resorts on the main island, Baguio is very popular.
Be careful! I'm not sure of the political situation right now. Some resorts might not be safe for americans at the moment. The island of Palawaan is ultra nice but expensive. That is where the Abu Sayyaf (sp?) kidnapped those tourists from. Some areas may not be safe for a long time.
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Bali was great when there are a couple years ago (November), including excellent diving/snorkeling. Don't know that I'd return right now, due to political situation. Though Bali is a Hindu outpost in a largely Muslim archipelago.
Thailand was wonderful, too, the year before. Have NOT been to Fiji but have been to Raratonga (Cook Islands) and Moorea (last year). Would recommend latter over the former. Nothing quite like So. Pac. water. Good luck and enjoy.

edit: last, re Thailand. All kinda of great tours, including inland toward Chiang Mai. Dollar is probably still real strong to the Baht.

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