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Park City in January

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Hello all-

This is an awesome site, really glad I found it. Anyway, my girlfriend and I are taking our first trip to Park City just after New Year's - staying at a friend's condo in the PCMR resort center area. Since we also want to hit DV, we're wondering how convenient is the bus from PCMR to Snow Park, and at that time of year (first weekend/week of Jan.) does either resort tend to have better conditions?

Also, anyone have suggestions on places for dinner? We heard that we shouldn't miss the Seafood Buffet at DV, but we're also looking for a couple of reasonably affordable (we're NYers, so we understand the crazy cost structure out there) good places on Main Street. Any ideas would be extremely helpful.

Praying for snow...
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The tranportation should be no problem whatsoever. -- Make sure you use the restaurant advise of a couple of the Park City locals here on this forum.
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PCMR and Deer Valley are only about 10 mins from each other. Bus runs all the time You may have to go to the new transit center and get another bus But still No bigdeal. Ok Places to eat on Main. 350 Main has good seafood, Cafe Terrigo is good and not to pricy. One of the Best deals is Alexes Bistro. Classic french and he has specials soup to desert for one low price I think it's around $23 per person. Also try Zoom Robert Redfords place good food and not to bad on price. Keep your fingers crossed and say some prayers to the Snow gods we need a big dump here in Utah.
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If you plan to have dinner at DV's Seafood Buffet, i would suggest that you call asap to make rservations. Yes they are suggested. You can go to Deer Valley's website, and fill out an online dinner reservation form.www.deervalley.com
Main Street eats, Bangkok Thai, and the River Horse [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Another vote for 350 Main. Also try the Osso Buca at Grappa's.
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Thanks for all your feedback. Took your advice TR and made reservations at the Seafood Buffet. And I think we may try 350 Main as well, though my girlfriend is wondering what's the best steakhouse in town? I guess somebody she knows is a big fan of this place called the Claimjumper.

Of course, food is secondary to snow, and on that front it looks like there could be a nice dump coming this weekend and next week, which is the best possible news. Keep up those frosty thoughts.
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Claimjumper definitely is a ok for steaks - try the baseball steak and see if you can get the whole thing down. Also recommended would be Chimayo for the great atmosphere and tasty Margs (even in Utah), Picasso's - a tapas restaraunt so price can be kept pretty reasonable and I would cast another vote for the Riverhorse Cafe.
If you have a car, I have to recommend Snake Creek Grill in Heber City and the Sage Grill out at Kimball Junction as reasonable with very good food too!
BTW, it always cracks me up that people come out to the intermountain west for seafood (not that DVs Seafood Buffet is anything but the freshest)!
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Seems funny to us as well to go from the East Coast to Utah for seafood, but our friend who insists it's the best spread he's ever seen lives part of the year out on Martha's Vineyard, so go figure.

You guys getting ready for some freshies this weekend or what? Looks like the storms start blowing in Saturday night and don't leave until late next week. I'm praying for piles and piles.
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I would have to vote for the Grub Steak in Prospector Sq, for steaks, followed by Texas Reds, on Main Street.
I'd like to know how the online resrvation went for you, did the resort send you a confirmation?
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Dang, you guys are suggesting some fancy dinin' there.

Raman noodles and oatmeal for me!!

I think the Italian food at Cisero's wasn't bad. For burgers, try the garlic burger at O'Shucks. Best in town. Best pizza is at Davanza's, especially after drinking all night. Wasatch Brewery has some pretty good brick-oven pizzas, too.

Some advice from a Texan who's lived there: don't eat BBQ in Park City. That stuff isn't even good enough to call BBQ. It's just cooked meat. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hmmm, trip with girlfriend ... did that once, and now we're married. In order, ... Chimayo, Grappa, River Horse, Zoom.
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Originally posted by lnester:
I think the Italian food at Cisero's wasn't bad. For burgers, try the garlic burger at O'Shucks. Best in town. Best pizza is at Davanza's, especially after drinking all night. Wasatch Brewery has some pretty good brick-oven pizzas, too.
Man, talk about fancy eatin some of you are recommending...i'm all about inester's ideas. Davanza's pizza is amazing. Also, you can't beat plan b for $1 well drinks and beer on friday nights. Utah49, I think Altaskier and I walk by your gallery on our crawl home from plan b. Been meaning to stop in one of these days.
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TR, I sent you a PM. Also, you asked about reservations from DV's website. Well, I never received a confirmation so I called, and they said they've been receiving lots of electronic reservations but didn't get mine. : So I made the reservation on the phone. Good thing I checked. In general I avoid using the Web for things like that. I think that's the best advice.

Took a look at the PCMR webcam a little while ago and it seems there's a lot more snow than the last time I checked. Still hoping for one of those 4 feet in 4 days things before we arrive. Think snow!
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We may not get 4 foot in 4 days, but we are getting snow! Thank you snow gods. Anyway the skiing has been pretty good the last couple of days./ Another front should hit on Sat and Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed say prayers to the snow gods and we should be looking fine for the Christmas crowds.

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