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Sunday River

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Anyone been to Sunday River yet? We will be in the area this coming weekend. How is the snow? Should I even bring the new boards or are rock skis in order?

Thanks in advance...

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Haven't been but grew up in Maine skiing "someday bigger" and I would say ROCK BOARDS!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Haven't been but grew up in Maine skiing "someday bigger" and I would say ROCK BOARDS!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>I'd guess that this is totally incorrect. You should have several trails with good edge-to-edge cover and your everyday skis will probably work just fine.
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What's up Fred. Please- rock skis? Defiantly not. I skied there this past Sunday and Monday. Early skiing in the east at Sunday RIver does not include rock skis. They only have trails with man made snow open. They cover them really well. On Monday it was packed powder conditions on T2 and Upper SUnday Punch. By this coming weekend Right Stuff will be open, as well as Lower Sunday. They'll prob. get some stuff on Spruce peak open too. But anyway, to answer5 your questions, you do not even have to think the works "rock skis". [img]smile.gif[/img]
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On more thing. Anyone going to be up at S. River either monday or tuesday (before thx-giving)and what to get together for a few runs?
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Well, kb1dqh was right. Sunday River has great snow coverage, and the skiing was great!

The runs that are open have no bare spots and no rocks -- no rock skis needed. I have never been as impressed with snowmaking coverage as I was this past Saturday.

Get on up to Sunday River, and make some turns!
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