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Mammoth Conditions 11/18

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I have recieved a couple PMs asking about the conditions, so here is the story.

The best skiing for Adv/Exp skiers is off of Chair 23. The Wipeout chutes got wind loaded yesterday afternoon, and are super fun. The snow is firm windbuff that is very edgeable, but a slide may be difficult to arrest. Entrances are not to bad, but be carefull. The Dropouts are also good, especially the gullies lower down that get filled in later with more snow. Cornice Bowl has solid manmade snow, but the top part may get scraped slick later in the day. Scotty's/the Hump/Monument all have good areas of winblown too. The 'Noids look fun if you stay in the middle of the gullies, but getting in could be very interesting. Lower down, Chair 3 is also really good. East Bowl and West Bowl both have great snow, but look out for land mines, especially entering West Bowl from the frontside. Come in from Saddle Bowl, and you will get the best part anyway. Fascination is aslo pretty good, but closed for racers most of the time. Terry's is full of hungry rocks, and Far West has weedy crunchy bumps.

The best groomed intermediate skiing is off the back side off chair 3 in Saddle Bowl. Broadway is also pretty good. Powder Bowl has good coverage, but has loose snow moguls and slick spots. Try chair 12, but expect to hit rocks, as there is no snowmaking over there.

For beginners, only Sesame St. is open, not Sesame West, and there is no easy way down from mid mountain.This could change very soon.

For jibbers there are at least 7 rails/mailboxes on the side of broadway. They are trying very hard to get the Unbound park open for Thanksgiving, but no halfpipes are even close.

Overall, the skiing for good skiers is really fun, but expect to hit some rocks. I got about three core shots today, all at the top of West Bowl. Intermediates that prefer groomers will find limited terrain, and very crowded runs over the holidays.
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I was up at the mountain on the 17th. Spinheli's report is spot on. I was blown away at how good the Chutes off 23 were! Wipe Out 2 was exceptionally nice. The snow was soft and a bit wind blown, so you could rip it whatever style you liked. By about 10 a.m. the wind kicked up and filled in all the tracks on Scotty's. As long as you could avoid the lingering rocks, it was some dang fun skiing. I really had a good time and my expectation was definitely surpassed. Before I gloat to much, it is important to note that my early season fun came at the price of a core shot to my new Concepts. One more good storm, and I wouldn't hesitate to make a quick 5.5 hour drive up 395.
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